Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Going Home: Elsie

Hurray for another episode of Woof Wednesday! Today we're having a picture-heavy Going Home post of the adorable Elsie: Elsie has always been a happy-go-lucky pup, but finding her loving family has opened up a whole new level of joy. 

Elsie has a very full schedule at her new home: long naps with her best friend, intense tug-o-war sessions with her favorite toy, and car rides with the whole family!

From her adopters:  
"We adore her, she is so happy, healthy and well behaved, a perfect addition to our family."

Aren't both of them adorable? And we really love Elsie's shirt! Adopters: Thank you so much for sending us these precious pictures. It always makes us happy to see a dog really fit in with their new family. 

Do you, too, want your Berkeley Humane adoptee to be featured on the blog? Just reach out to your adoptions counselor with an update and some pictures, and then we'll do the rest! 

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