Friday, September 26, 2014

Going Home: Una

Happy Feline Friday again!

While we're waiting for all the adoption stories to come in after the great success of our Bark (& Meow) Around the Block adoption event, we're giving you a little jewel from the archives:

Una was adopted from Berkeley Humane by a true cat lover. In fact, only three months after her adoption, Una got herself an adopted sister, Candy Corn! Here is a little 'happy tail'  about how well they're doing. 

Apparently, Una is not only playful and loving, but she is quite the cat burglar! Keep reading to learn more about Una's thievery." 

"Una and Candy Corn are both very happy and adjusted to their new home as well as to each other. Since we got Una first, she is the queen of the house but after a few months, has adjusted to her new sister, Candy Corn. " 

"Una loves to play and chases her tail. Una is the least well behaved and polite of the two kitties because she's a food thief. Past thefts have included meatballs, tortillas, and popcorn."

"These two get along so well that they now groom each other."

Some other names used by this proud adoptive mom include "furry babies" and "little turdlings." She is completely in love with these two kitties and they are very clearly in love with her too. We are so happy you all found each other and we hope you have a "catiful day" too!

If you, like this adopter, want us to feature your story of adopting a pet from Berkeley Humane, feel free to contact your adoption couselor with an update and some photo's. You'll see your pets back on here soon!

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