Friday, September 5, 2014

Going Home: Mimi

It's Feline Friday again!

In celebration, we're sharing the adoption story of Mimi, who overcame her health issues and became a great pet. Adoption stories like Mimi’s warm our hearts, no matter the temperature outside. 

Mimi, formerly known as Little Owl, was in extended foster care while at Berkeley Humane after becoming unwell from a number of medical issues. She became scared and shy while waiting for an adopter to take her home, but when her future parents came to meet her it was obvious how much they loved her and couldn’t wait to let her blossom in their home. 
That blossoming happened rather quickly, as it turned out! As her adopters tell us:

"Little Mimi has adjusted very well. She was very timid upon first arriving home. We were prepared for a week or more for her to adapt. However, she only remained confined for approximately 3 hours in our guest room, before she opened the door (!) and came out to announce that this is her home and we're her people. She comes to our laps for petting and resting and also loves our bed for napping during the day. Also, she likes to play several times throughout the day. We just love her to bits... we think she's cuter than a bug’s ear. We just can't believe she wasn't adopted much earlier.

Thanks so much for all your helpfulness. We are very happy with Mimi. ;) :)"

Photo by Rebecca Schwartz.
Part of what got Mimi adopted were her gorgeous, professional photographs (one of which is above!) Are you interested in volunteering as a pet photographer for Berkeley Humane? Contact our marketing manager Sherry Liu at to let us know you’d like to help!

Are you or your cat ready for a new best friend? Today, Berkeley Humane is celebrating Feline Friday with $5 adoption fees for cats 5 months and over! Come by our Adoption Center today to meet our snuggly and playful cats ready to go to loving homes. 

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