Friday, August 15, 2014

Feline Friday Special: Reduced Adoption Fee For Older Cats

It's Feline Friday again! As you may have read last week, we are celebrating Feline Friday these late summer weeks with a special that we hope will help connect more of our cats with loving families. Every Friday this August, we're offering $5 adoption fees for all cats 5 months and older. That includes the adoption fee of our darling Queeny, pictured below!

If Queeny fits, she sits!

Why have we decided to celebrate this way? For multiple reasons, really. One: late summer is often a great time for people to adopt an older kitty. Two: older cats sometimes lose the cuteness competition from the many kittens we have, even though they're equally as sweet and adorable. Three: we want as many people as possible to enjoy the love of a feline friend!

Berkeley Humane's Cat Program Coordinator Cathy Marden further explains great reasons for adopting an older cat:

"With the start of the school year and new routines being established, the late summer tends to be a busy time for many people. This makes it an excellent time to adopt an older cat because older cats tend to be more mellow and stable in their personalities. When you bring an older cat home
you don't need to worry about kitten-proofing every square inch of your home. Older cats may need a few additional days to adjust to the transition from adoption center to home, but after they're comfortable they make amazing pets! They're not full of surprises the way kittens can be. Is this kitten going to be short haired? Meow a lot? Shy and aloof? Wait until it grows up to see. With an adult cat, you know the coat length and personality traits before you bring him home. Plus, older cats have been around the block (figuratively speaking) and know about scratching posts, litter boxes
and night time sleep schedules - meaning that they require much less training than a young kitten. And if you're looking for a cat that's super playful, many older cats will fit that description perfectly too! Cats can retain their playfulness well into their teens; it's just a matter of providing them with toys to stimulate their prey drive and they'll happily stalk and pounce, run and dart, and generally keep you entertained.

Queeny, our gorgeous and lovely cat shown earlier, is only two years old and has a very sweet, delicate personality. She enjoys cuddling, likes to take cat naps on your lap and is up for a little daily play as well. However, her sensitive nature makes it stressful for her to come to the adoption center, which can make her easily overlooked when a handful of rowdy kittens are tumbling into their water bowls and climbing your trouser legs. Queeny is the kind of cat that would really shine in a calm household with a stable guardian with whom she can hold court. She has a lot of love to give!

Queeny hanging out while waiting for her Prince or Princess Charming

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