Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Going Home : Milo (Again!)

Welcome to another edition of Woof Wednesday!

Do you all remember Milo? His adoption happened a while back, but his adopters have been really great about keeping us in the loop.

We were super happy to receive a new set of pictures from them. These FANTASTIC photos from their last few months together really show how much MIlo is a part of the family. Aren't they great? Now, on to his adopters: 

"Hello all! Here are some updated pics of our sweet boy!"

Thank you, adopters! We’re so glad to see Milo having such a ball with you all—these are great pictures! He seems like a real happy fellow to be with you all. Yay, Milo!

Do you want a friend as awesome as Milo? Then come by our shelter on Woof Wednesday to see if your new canine pal is there waiting for you! 

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