Tuesday, October 15, 2013

After BEBHS: Milo

Milo, formerly known as Faramir, is living the good life as a family pet and ‘love bug’! This frolicsome, fun boy spends his days learning new things and enjoying the love lavished on him by his new family. Read on for more from Milo’s adopters!

He is doing great in our home and he has turned out to be quite the little love bug. He is learning new commands such as sit, up, and down.

He loves playing fetch and going for walks, especially to the school across the street. He runs in the field and eats the flowers and grass.

He is also quite loyal and never strays too far from my side, in fact he’s laying at my feet right now as I write this. We thank you for saving this loving and wonderful dog from the shelter and giving him a chance to be loved.

What a beautiful picture to imagine: Milo snuggling at his mama’s feet while she writes to tell us just how much he means to the family. We’re overjoyed to hear how sweet his new life is!

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