Friday, August 8, 2014

Going Home: Ruby

We're excited to report that Ruby (formerly known as Garland) and her new adoptive family are thrilled with each other. The first few weeks after adoption can be a time of adjustment for any animal and family, but Ruby and her family sailed though without a hitch. When they shared their love and enthusiasm for Ruby with us, we just had to share it with you.

"Our adoption could not be going any better! Garland, whose new name is Ruby, is the sweetest, most gentle kitten we could have ever hoped for. She is so patient and tolerant of our two children, and we all love her so much. Ruby has not had any problems eating or using the litter box. We were planning on keeping her in the bathroom at night, but she was so comfortable, and not at all scared when we brought her home, that we ended up letting her roam the house (but we do close the bedroom doors). She hasn't had any problems adapting at all. We don't have any other pets, and we are on summer break right now, so she gets a lot of attention throughout the day. She loves being held and petted; my older daughter carries her all over the house, and Ruby loves it! We are so happy we adopted her!"

Isn't it heartwarming? Thank you, Sara, for letting us know how much Ruby and your family love each other and thank you for the great pictures.

In honor of our cats and kittens, we are celebrating Feline Friday! On every Friday in August, Berkeley Humane offers $5 adoption fees for cats 5 months and older. Visit our Adoption Center at 2700 9th Street in Berkeley, CA to meet our delightful felines and maybe bring home a new best friend.

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