Tuesday, August 6, 2013

After BEBHS: Una

We love hearing about animals who have thrived in their new homes and formed lasting relationships with their families. This cat and her humans are a prime example; Una turned 10 just last week and was adopted from Berkeley Humane in 2003, when she was only 3 months old! Here is a wonderful update from her loving adopters:

Una was adopted from Berkeley East Bay Humane Society on October, 28, 2003.  She turned 10 on July 30, 2013.  She was a little tiny kitten when we adopted her.  Now she is a BIG girl and well loved.  We had a little party for her birthday - double digits!  She got a card, toys, treats, a new scratch post and a dinner with her favorites.

Una's special friend is David - he helps take very good care of her.  She even lets him brush her which is a big deal. David has a special way with all animals; perhaps he'll become a veterinarian when he grows up.  He recently celebrated his 10th birthday too!  

Una and David are the same age!

She has brought a lot of joy and amusement.  Thank you for taking care of her until we could find her. 

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