Tuesday, April 2, 2013

After BEBHS: Lily

It sounds like Lily almost immediately felt at home with her new family.  We're happy to hear that she has a new best friend in her older brother, Frankie.  This is what happily-ever-after looks like!
Lily serving as a pillow for Frankie.

We got Lily (formerly Chicklet) as a tiny little kitten on January 26, 2013. While I was initially a little nervous about introducing her to our resident cat Frankie because she was so small, she was fearless and couldn't wait to meet her big brother. We had intended to keep her quarantined for a few weeks, but the two of them played under the door constantly and she'd bolt out of her room any chance she got to see Frankie. As soon as the vet gave us the all clear, we opened the door and never looked back.

Within a day, she and big brother Frankie were snuggling and grooming each other. (The picture of them hugging in the sunlight is from day 2 of face-to-face interaction!) They chase and wrestle and groom and cuddle all day long. He's very sweet to her and if little Lily accidentally gets locked in a closet (she's quite curious), he sits outside meowing until we free her.

In her two months with us, Lily has dabbled as a toilet paper wrestler, a tightrope walker (really a drying rack walker, but it's close to the same thing) and a pillow for Frankie. Her newest thing is playing fetch with her stuffed mice. This sweet, little purr factory is nonstop entertainment and the perfect companion for Frankie and us. We just adore her. Thanks so much for taking care of her before she came to us.

Lily practicing her tight-rope balancing act, as Frankie keeps a watchful eye.

Best friends sharing an embrace.

Lily being playful with toilet paper, a favorite toy amongst cats.


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