Tuesday, February 12, 2013

After BEBHS: King Max

It appears that King Max is truly living the life of a king thanks to his amazing family!  We couldn't be happier that this sweetheart is living happily ever after in his lovely kingdom.

Hello BEBHS!

Max insisted that I write this letter so here we go....When we first brought King Max (formerly "Gareth") home from BEBHS he was was a little depressed and stressed out. We showered him with love and lots of patience just like the shelter said he needed. He slowly began to trust us and now loves us unconditionally. Every time we take him to the vet or groomer they tells us that he is one of the sweetest & friendliest cats they have ever met. He is so loving and beautiful. He has become very talkative, especially when he has a lot on his mind! We love him and cherish how much he is growing. Thank you for blessing us with such a wonderful kitty!

After BEBHS is a weekly post where we will feature notes and photos from animals rescued by BEBHS and adopted into their forever homes. If you've adopted a pet from us, we would love to hear from you! Please send update and photos to ksmitley@berkeleyhumane.org.

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