Tuesday, April 8, 2014

After Berkeley Humane: Sweet Charlie

Say hello to Sweet Charlie (formerly Mulan)! Sweet Charlie’s adopter, when writing in to us with their after-Berkeley Humnae story, mentioned something that struck a chord with us. She wrote that Sweet Charlie “is the cutest kitty ever (but I’m sure you hear that a lot.)”

Well, yep, we do. And you know what? That’s because every family’s pet kitty IS the world’s cutest kitty, at least in their own eyes. (And sometimes, we gotta be honest, EVERYONE’s eyes. The cats and kittens we adopt out are serious stunners!)

We love matching animals with that one person or family that sees them as the best, cutest, cuddliest, most amazing pet there ever was. We love hearing that feedback from adopters, too, that they’re happy they found their one true pet love at Berkeley Humane.

Read on for more of Sweet Charlie’s gratifying after-Berkeley Humane story!

I wanted to send a picture of Sweet Charlie and let you know she's doing just fine. She's loving, affectionate, lazy as can be, and she plays fetch!  Yes, fetch!! It is so cool, we think she has dog in her... heehee.  If we leave the room she follows and comes when we call her, too cute. She's a talker and has a different meeeow for her needs and she is the cutest kitty ever (but I'm sure you hear that a lot.) She is such a joy and wonderful to have around.  We all love her so much!

We’re so happy for this cat, and for her new parents. Sweet Charlie sounds like a riot! Thanks for tuning in to this latest after-Berkeley Humane love story!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Volunteer of the Month: Jamie

Jamie came on board the Berkeley Humane volunteer team after the revival of our post-fire volunteer program in 2010. Her commitment has never wavered, and Jamie continues to be a tremendous asset as a Feline Friend at our Adoption Center.

Our Cat Coordinator Cathy Marden says about Jamie, "I know I can count on her to socialize the cats, greet the public, and help out around the adoption center. She is always friendly and outgoing, and is willing to help out with any random task that pops up. Jamie is great with both cats and people! She makes everyone feel welcome in the cat room and enthusiastically engages potential adopters. Jamie's sincere personality is disarming and helps create a calm atmosphere in the cat adoption room."

Jamie shares a bit on her volunteer experience at Berkeley Humane:

"What brought me to Berkeley Humane? It's simple. I love cats. Just ask my husband. I would take them all home if I could. However, having lived in a home with too many cats growing up, I have imposed a strict two-cat limit for our house. The thing is, I have enough love in me for way more than just two cats, so I cherish my time volunteering at the shelter where I can share that love, helping kitties find their humans... and vice versa."

A cat always knows a kindred spirit when they meet one. Jamie seems to know what makes each cat purr almost immediately, can make the shyest cats come out of their shells, and is also a talented match maker for adopters. For Jamie and the kitties at Berkeley Humane, it's a match made in heaven!

Are you feeling inspired by Jamie's experience? If you’re interested in learning about volunteering at Berkeley Humane, click here to find out how!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

After Berkeley Humane: Moochie

Moochie, formerly Ludlow, was adopted from us a few months ago. His adoptive parents sent these pictures in to us with this simple note: “Isn’t he beautiful?”

(He so is! Enjoy the pictures!)

What an easy, breezy life for this guy. (And what a calm canine sibling he's got, too!) Thank you to Moochie’s family for sharing these wonderful photos!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

March Volunteer of the Month: Grizelle and Melany

Grizelle and Melany have been committed Canine Friend volunteers since before many of us can remember. They started volunteering the same month that I was hired on as the Volunteer Coordinator back in April of 2012. Their commitment has never wavered! This mother/daughter team is a dynamic duo that can be relied on to do whatever is needed to care for the dogs at the end of the day on Sundays. As our Canine Coordinator Kris Swanson expressed, “they are a team we can always count on!”

Melany shares a bit on her experience:

I like to be part of the Berkeley Humane family. All of the staff and volunteers are dedicated and kind people who really look after the well-being of the animals. All dogs are lovely and they like to be hugged and petted; they feel very happy when we go out for walks or when I scratch their backs. It is nice to have the opportunity to care for the animals. They always make me feel good after every visit.”

Volunteers like Melany and Grizelle are vital for the life-saving work we do at Berkeley Humane. We could not do it nearly as well without their help and we are pleased that the experience is just as fulfilling for them. 

Are you feeling inspired by Melany and Grizelle's experience? If you’re interested in learning about volunteering at Berkeley Humane, click here to find out how!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

After Berkeley Humane: Max

Max, formerly Georgio, was a staff favorite around these parts before he went off to his happy new home! Max now has a family who loves him to bits, and what sounds like a life full of treats, exploring, and creature comforts!

Here’s Max’s story of life after adoption—and in his special installation of ‘After Berkeley Humane’, this story is straight from Max himself!

My name is Max, and I am six-months-old. I am a Havanese puppy who was recently adopted. My new home is so much fun because I have 3 older "siblings" that I get to play with, I go for walks to the park with my family, I have a big backyard to roam around in, and I am about to attend doggie school with my mom! I even have a comfy bed I sleep on at night and all the toys I could ever dream of! Oh, and the doggie treats I get for being a "good boy" are delicious! Here are a few pictures of me!

Max is clearly one happy pooch! We are so excited for him to grow up, learn how to be the best puppy he can be in school, and to live the wonderful life we know his family plans to give him! Yay for Max!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

After Berkeley Humane: Snow Foots

Snow Foots, formerly known as Fontella Bass, was adopted from us in 2013. Given what our friends over on the East Coast are contending with these days, we thought she'd be the perfect kitty to feature on this week's post-adoption update!

Snow Foots is a stunning cat—in fact, you might recognize her from a series of professional photos that a volunteer took of her! (We love the pictures and use them occasionally on our thank-you cards.) Her adopter has been in touch with us from time to time since taking her home, and shared this update with us for the blog! Check it out!

Here’s Fontella Bass (now Snow Foots) six months later! She runs the place.She is loved so much and all her fur has grown back in! (Note: She really likes German Shepherds/puppies! Surprise!) Thanks so much, she is dearly loved.

We’re about to bust a seam, we’re giggling so much at the image of Snowfoots tagging along behind a German Shepherd. Adorable! We are proud and endlessly grateful that Snowfoots and her mama have found each other.

Do these images of Snowfoots make your heart go pitter-patter? Want to help us take more beautiful photos of the animals in our shelter? Our volunteer photographer needs assistants to help wrangle kittens and puppies during shoots. If you’d like to volunteer a few hours a week for this (super fun!) job, email our Marketing Manager, Emily Lines, at elines@berkeleyhumane.org to inquire!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

February Volunteer of The Month: Jason

Jason has been a tremendous asset to Berkeley Humane since September of 2012.  Cathy, our Feline Coordinator, recalled, "Jason first asked to attend the Feline Friends training in September of 2012.  He was unable to attend the next 5 scheduled training sessions but his excitement to volunteer never wavered and he came in just to clean for months before he was able to train to work with the cats."  No matter the task, Jason works with joy and enthusiasm.  He is always willing to help in any way.  Cathy also shared that she "once asked him to organize what was then known as the 'junk room'.  Undaunted by the enormous job ahead of him, he set out to work and an hour later the jumbled mess of things was converted into an organized and clean 'foyer'."  Jason continues to help with anything we need but, more importantly, he is the Sunday morning cat whisperer.  He loves the cats, takes excellent care of them, and they love him in return.  He connects with every single cat and gets to know their unique personalities in a flash.   One could argue Jason may even be a cat in a man suit.

Jason expressed his sentiments about his volunteer experience with as much sweetness as he always shows the kitties:   "It is inspiring to be a part of the Berkeley Humane corps of volunteers and staff who so selflessly and kindheartedly provide for these lovely creatures waiting so vulnerably and tenderly to be welcomed into a loving home. It brings great joy to me  knowing that my efforts, however small they may be, are spent in direct service to each dog and cat. Each weekend when I turn to leave, I feel the world is a little lighter and a little better off than before I walked in."

Volunteers like Jason make our work here at Berkeley Humane deeply rewarding.  It is an honor to share in the experience of saving lives with kind, loving people.  Thank you for your hard work and commitment Jason.  We hope to have the honor of working alongside you for many more years.    

Do you want to become a star volunteer like Jason?  Learn about how to become involved with Berkeley Humane by clicking here!