Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Going Home: Lola

Welcome to Woof Wednesday! This week we bring you an update on Lola (formerly Cordy), who was scooped up by Lauren and Nick towards the end of 2015.  

Although she quickly bonded with new squeaky toys, Lola was a bit too nervous to venture outside during her first weekend. Thanks to some patience and gentle coaxing, she has now adjusted nicely!

“We've been able to take her for an hour long walk in the morning and evening, usually with a stop at the dog park so she can run off some of her lingering puppy energy. We've been keeping a close eye on her interactions, but so far she seems to get along well with any dog willing to run REALLY REALLY FAST and tussle. We've ecstatic with her progress-we even got her to jump in the water for a bit on a long walk on the Bay Trail.”

"We think Lola is happy with her new life as well "

Thanks to Lauren and Nick for your awesome update! We hope you and Lola continue to have more great adventures together!

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Monday, February 1, 2016

#SkipTheRoses this Valentine's Day to help adoptable animals!

Our shelter animals don’t need flowers. The best Valentine's gift is a new home. Help us care for adoptable animals so they can steal their new owner's heart!

#‎SkipTheRoses‬ this Valentine's Day and send your loved one an e-card notification that a puppy/kitten has been saved in their honor. Then tell your friends on social media that you saved lives with the #SkiptheRoses tag!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Going Home: Raisin

TGIFF: it's Feline Friday!

To start the weekend off right, we have a short and sweet Going Home announcement for a short and sweet little kitty named Raisin.

Raisin was just a few months old when she found her snuggly new home with Amanda B. 

Amanda sent us this update via our Facebook page:

"Hi! I adopted Raisin a couple of weeks ago. Just wanted to let you know she is such a love. Thank you so much!!!"

Thank you, Amanda, for giving this itty bitty kitty her new home sweet home!

Want to welcome a new feline into the family? Berkeley Humane's Adoption Center is open to the public Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays 11 AM – 5 PM. Come on by and see if your new kitty is waiting for you!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Going Home: Dahlia

Happy Woof Wednesday, everyone! Today we are back with a special story about Dahlia, who was formerly named Diamond. Not only did she become a precious part of her family, but she also helps her foster brother get used to life with a loving family.

Dahlia is the perfect role model for her foster brother. She is a quick learner, obedient, and makes sure to take care of her foster brother. Let us see what her family, Catherine, says:

"Hello, I adopted Diamond about six months ago from you and wanted to update you! She's huge now! And her ears popped up lol. We are fostering through OAS and PALS and she adores her foster brother. His name is Dancer and we changed Diamond's name to Dahlia. She is definitely a mellow dog and very very smart. She can get hyper but once I break out the treats she falls right into her obedience training. She loves walks and hikes, but has yet to understand the Heel command. She even loves taking baths lol! She was a devil child in the beginning when it came to biting, but since we got her foster brother she rarely bites anymore, except him. They wrestle and play constantly!”

What a cute and understanding dog! In the picture above, we can see Dahlia and Dancer proudly facing the camera.

In the right picture, we see these two happily playing with each other.

We thank YOU Catherine, not only for adopting, but also for taking part in a foster program. The dogs have received tons of love from your family. By participating in the program, we know that Dancer will have a higher chance of getting adopted in the future.

Even if one is unable to adopt, fostering is always another choice. Fostering helps the dogs learn how to live with a family, and helps them get comfortable in that environment.

If you are interested in our foster program in any way, please check out our link here!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Going Home: Henry

Ready to put a little woof in your Wednesday?

Today we'd like to share the adoption story of Henry, formerly named Giles. The pictures his adopters shared with us show a smiling, happy dog who was excited to be with them from the first car ride home!

Henry on his way to his new home
Henry's adopters, Jose and Berenice, had this to say about welcoming Henry into their home:

Giles new name is Henry after Henry Ford. My boyfriend is a huge fan of Mustangs that he decided to change Giles name to Henry. He responds to Henry very well. Henry has adapted to his new home since the first day. He has hes section of our pack yard where he goes potty. He enjoys his walks in the mornings and at night. Henry has learned to do a hand shake and he behaves very well with my 2yr old niece and 8yr old nephew and is very gentle with her.

Thanks for checking on Henry!

Jazlyn and Henry

Our 1st selfie with Henry


We're so pleased to learn how happily Henry has fit into your lives, Jose and Berenice. Thank you for the update! 

If you're looking to add some woof to your home, take a look at our adoptable animals.  To make sure your dog is as gentle with children as Henry, keep an eye on our dog training classes, where we occasionally run a "dogs and children" class. 

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Going Home: Carmenere

Happy Woof Wednesday! Before we put on our party hats to celebrate the new year, we want to check in on a charming little pup who found a home for the holidays.

Adopter and Berkeley Humane volunteer Moi shared an adorable picture and update with us:

thanks for the docs and check in. it was really hard to stop playing with her long enough to write this email. no new name yet, but we should have it narrowed down soon. she had the last of her meds yesterday and i think i heard the last of the kennel cough this morning. but will call up if i'm wrong. she's already learned to sit! we're getting her outside every couple hours and only a few accidents in the house so far. not bad for a wee one. she's been cozying up to the many beds she has around the house and even the crate we've decked out for her, but her favorite's the queen sized one that doubles as play area. she's a great pup and i hope we'll make her as happy as she does us.

here's a photo of her tuckered out from play-

Carmenere looks like one happy dog, Moi. Since she shares a name with a grape, we hope she ages like fine wine! Thank you for the update.

If searching for the perfect pet is on your list of resolutions, check out our adoptable dogs and cats!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Going Home: Emma

Welcome to a Christmas edition of Woof Wednesday! This week features Emma (formerly Kendra) who was a volunteer favorite here at Berkeley Humane! 

Emma charmed everyone with her sweetness and now has found a lovely home of her own with Jennifer R., who happens to be a hospital intern with Berkeley Humane. 

It looks like Emma has settled in quite nicely to her new home and is ready to celebrate the holidays! 

“Kendra is embracing the lazy Saturday of cuddles and Netflix.”

Thank you for the update, Jennifer!

You can check out our adoptable dogs here. Our shelter is closed on Friday, Dec. 25, but re-opens for adoptions Saturday and Sunday.