Friday, July 31, 2015

So many adoptable animals at Bark & Meow Around the Block, Aug. 15!

Bark & Meow Around the Block is Saturday, August 15! Mark your calendars!

Thinking of adopting an animal this summer? Then definitely join us for Bark (& Meow) Around the Block where you'll get to meet a lot of wonderful animals from Berkeley Humane and many of our great partners including Adopt a Doggie, Animal Rescue Recon, Inc., Bee Holistic Cat Rescue and Care, Berkeley Animal Care Services, Bitten By A Kitten Rescue, EBARR - East Bay Animal Rescue & Refuge, Goldie and Papis' Animal Rescue, Hayward Animal Services, Hopalong and Second Chance Animal Rescue, The Milo Foundation, Rocket Dog Rescue, Umbrella of Hope, Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue.

  This free-to-attend event is several amazing things all in one:
  • An adopt-a-thon that'll help many animals find loving homes,
  • A family-friendly street fair that'll bring together the community,
  • And a fundraiser that'll help save the lives of East Bay dogs and cats!

Special thanks to our sponsors for making this event possible: Pet Food Express, Whole Foods Market Gilman, Berkeley Police Association, NBC Bay Area, Berkeley Dog & Cat Hospital / Special Veterinary Services, SnapLogic, Alpha Dog Marketing, The Rare Barrel, Berkeley Lions Club, L.J. Kruse Plumbing, Heating and Cooling, Celery Design Collaborative, DogTrekker, and Berkeley Chamber.

 Photographs by Diane Walsh, Jodie Howard, and Sara Anooshfar.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Going Home: Thunder

Happy Woof Wednesday!

We hope you’re having a lovely summer. It’s been a while since any rain clouds have appeared in the skies over California, but that doesn’t mean we can’t all enjoy a little Thunder.

Thunder the dog, that is. This little pup, formerly known as TJ, has set more than a few hearts a-rumbling in his new home.

Thunder’s adopter, Kathi, sent us this note:

“Two years coming up and what an affectionate love bug Thunder (formally TJ) is.

He's made friends with other neighborhood dogs - especially the ladies, has a loving pack home & extended family!”

Happy anniversary to you, Kathi and Thunder, and thank you so much for the update! We are so happy to hear Thunder has brought such love and joy into your home!

If you are thinking about adopting a dog or cat, we are here to help.

You can check out our newest arrivals on our website, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Please come visit us if you’d like to meet the animals face to face. 

We are open for adoptions throughout the weekend - 11 am to 5 pm on Friday-Sunday.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Get Involved at Bark (& Meow) Around the Block!

Bark (& Meow) Around the Block is Berkeley Humane's annual street fair and adopt-a-thon – and it's just around the (calendar) block!

This fun summer event gets people and their pets outdoors with live entertainment, food and drink, kids' games, raffle prizes – and of course the chance to meet your potential new family member. This year we're partnering with over a dozen rescue organizations to hopefully top last year's 45 (!) Bark Around the Block adoptions!

To make this year a barking (& meowing) success, we need 100 volunteers to help with setup, raffle activity sales, activity booths, and more:
When: Saturday, August 15 
Requirements: Able to stand for 3+ hours with short breaks, friendly and outgoing demeanor

Check out last year's photo album to see what's in store! Contact Volunteer Manager Jenn Suzuki with your availability for August 15th (e.g. "Available 12-4 pm") at to get involved.

Adopting that many cats and dogs in one day doesn't happen on its own, so many thanks goes to Berkeley Humane's volunteer crew in advance. Almost as popular as the loving animals the Berkeley Humane Society places is our highly coveted series of volunteer orientations! Volunteer orientations introduce you not only to Berkeley Humane's practices, but also our history and philosophies. With so many kindhearted members in Berkeley Humane's community, our volunteer orientations are often booked months in advance, but Bark (& Meow) Around the Block is a rare opportunity to lend your time in-person without necessarily waiting for an orientation opening.

At the very least, we hope to see you there on August 15th – mark your calendars and invite your friends!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Going Home: Rosalinda

Happy Woof Wednesday!

Today we've got an update from Argy IP about Rosalinda, formerly known as Roselavon. 

Since moving in with Argy two years ago, Rosalinda's been welcoming to new family members, and even found herself a new habit...

"Here's an update on Rosalinda (aka Roselavon) adopted July 2013. She's healthy and enjoying a new little sister who was rescued by a friend."

"A few more. She loves her sister Luna and cuddling inside large t-shirts."

Thanks for sharing Rosalinda's updates with Berkeley Humane's Facebook Page, Argy! If you've got your own news to share about your Berkeley Humane adoption, let us know on Facebook.

Looking for a fulfilling way to spend the end of summer? Berkeley Humane needs volunteers for next month's Bark Around the Block on August 15th! This is a huge event dependent on support from Berkeley Humane's human community members. If you've been waiting for an opening in our popular Volunteer Orientations, this may be a great opportunity to get involved early. Contact us for more info: or 510.845.7735 (extension 228).

Monday, July 20, 2015

Foster Feature: Aileen

When Aileen Alfandary’s beloved 14-year-old dog Sonia (who’d been adopted from Berkeley Humane) died a few months ago, the time felt right to open her home to other dogs. 

 “We'd had her nearly 12 years and I missed the doggie presence in the house," explains Aileen. “Fostering works well as we're not able to adopt a dog at this point.”  

Since then, the doggie presence in Aileen’s house hasn’t let up as adoptable pets like Miss Rose, Mushi, Sugar, Elsa, Manhattan, and others have come to stay a while before moving on to new homes with their adopters. 

In addition to helping Berkeley Humane save more animals, fostering reduces stress, improves human-animal bonding, and helps shy animals learn how to be house pets. For example, Aileen helped guide one nervous pup toward confidence. “The first dog I fostered was little Mushi who had undergone surgery and was at first hesitant that anyone touching him was going to hurt him," she says. “After we got past that barrier he was super excited every morning when I came down to feed him and take him for a walk.”

Foster care providers like Aileen provide physical assistance as well as emotional nourishment. One five-month-old puppy required medicine and love to address respiratory troubles. “She worried me when she didn't want to eat or drink much before Berkeley Humane got her started on antibiotics,” Aileen says. “She wanted to be picked up and held pretty constantly. It was like having a newborn baby or toddler all over again.” The puppy healed quickly and went on to a happy adoption.

"It's fun to suss out each dog's very distinct personality but what they've all had in common is how much they want to give and receive affection." - Aileen Alfandary, foster care provider

Miss Rose
When it’s time to send her charges to Berkeley Humane for adoption weekends, Aileen says goodbye with an upbeat attitude. “I've grown very fond of every dog I've fostered and am hopeful they'll be adopted by a loving human or humans," she says. “I hope I'm giving them a good experience along the road to a permanent home.”

Fostering dogs continues to be one way Aileen honors her departed pet Sonia. “There's a doggie sized hole in my heart following the death of our dog and fostering goes a long way towards filling it.”

Aileen, we thank you for the time and love you’ve given to fostering adoptable dogs for Berkeley Humane. Here’s to many more happy dog stories in your life!

If you’re interested in opening your home and heart to adoptable pets, Berkeley Humane would love to hear from you. We provide food, bedding, toys, any medications needed, personality notes and history on each animal, and endless support. Learn more on our Foster Care page.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Going Home: Bobby

Feline Friday kicks off with a heartwarming tale of rough starts, second chances, and years of love.

As you can probably imagine, Berkeley Humane staff and volunteers meet many adoptable pets. Quite a few in particular catch our attention. Some even capture our hearts. Even though we know that our adoption process helps to match up the right pets and adopters, on occasion we can't bring ourselves to say goodbye.

Years ago, Emily Ziebell answered the call to help a tiny kitten in need. Here's Emily to tell the rest of the story herself:

I can't believe my "baby" Bobby is 10 years old tomorrow. When I worked at Berkeley Humane a good Samaritan brought him in. He had been thrown out of a moving car at only 5 weeks old."
Bobby ten years ago

He was my first foster kitten and like many other people, I ended up being a "failed foster" because I fell in love and just had to keep him."

Bobby today

"Here's to another 10 years with The Bobcat!"

Thank you for sharing Bobby's rags-to-riches story, Emily, and congratulations on ten happy years together! We join you in wishing for many more.

 If you're looking for a companion this weekend, visit Berkeley Humane at 9th and Carlson from Friday through Sunday to meet your new best friend. 

We're also spreading the word about adoptable pets in Oakland this weekend. Berkeley Humane's Mobile Adoption Center or MAC (driven by some excellent volunteers) will be at the SPCA's Adopt-a-Thon at Jack London Square this Saturday from 10-3. Come meet some great animals!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Going Home: Luna

Happy Woof Wednesday!

We love hearing about our furry friends that find homes where they can truly be themselves! 

As you can see from Luna's photos, she has made herself quite comfortable.

Luna's adopter, Gabriel Nunez, sent us an update …

“We adopted Luna about 18 months ago and we are so happy to have her. We love her so much."

Thank you so much for keeping us updated on Luna. We are always thrilled to hear how our animals are loved once they are adopted!

If you are thinking about adopting a dog or cat, we are here to help. You can check out our newest arrivals on our website, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Please come visit us if you’d like to meet them in person. 

We are open for adoptions throughout the weekend from 11 am to 5 pm Friday through Sunday.