Friday, November 21, 2014

Going Home: Mochi

Welcome to another Feline Friday, folks :)  

Today we have a special Going Home treat from our Facebook page: Mochi, formerly known as Fermi. He's a looker, and his adopter is quite skilled with a camera, so we get to enjoy him in all his kitty glory. This is what we got from Kristina: 

"Just wanted to let you guys know that Fermi (not yet renamed) made it home safe! He loves his new bed!  :) I'm absolutely in love with him." 

A month later, she sent us even more: 

"He's doing great! I've renamed him Mochi"  

Kristina told us exactly what we love to hear from those people who take home the animals we rescue. And the amount of pictures we received is wonderful! Isn't Mochi a delightful feline?

Ddi you adopt a cat from us? And do you want to put his or her story in the spotlight? Then get in touch with us. Post to our page on Facebook, reach out to the adoption counselor... Send us a few lines (or a lot of them) and some pictures and we will share your story of finding love. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Going Home: Wren

Happy Woof Wednesday folks! The weather might be getting colder but we’ve got another going home story that will warm your heart. This one comes from Megan, who reached out to us after adopting her adorable pup Wren (Dorian) over a year ago. She was nice enough to send us a picture from his adoption day as well as a more recent one. It's wonderful to see how much he's grown! Here's what Megan had to say about their experience with Wren:

“I got my dog, Wren (formerly Dorian), from Berkeley Humane. We adopted Wren when he was just a puppy. People stop us on the street all the time to ask what kind of dog he is - they're always shocked to hear he's a rescue! We get a lot of ‘who could give up that face?!’ Lately, I've been thinking a lot about how truly lucky my husband and I were to find our pup there, and I would love to help the Humane Society.”

We’re not surprised that Wren gets that reaction, that furry little face is adorable! Clearly, Wren is just as cute as ever and loving his life post-Berkeley Humane. We’re so happy to hear from him again, a big thanks to Megan for sending us this update!

Would you like to volunteer with us?  Our volunteers mean so much to us and we love welcoming new members to the Berkeley Humane family. If you’re interested, fill out the application on our website or send us an email!  

Monday, November 17, 2014

Guest Post: 10 Things You May Not Know About Berkeley Humane

By: Kosin Huang

Berkeley Humane has been around a long time and has an interesting history. Here are some tidbits you may or may not know about us:
  1. We've been around since 1927...that's 87 years! (And in dog years, we're 609 years old!)
  1. When we first opened, we were located in a former pool hall.
  1. We are not affiliated with the Humane Society of the United States, or any other animal welfare organization.
  1. We saved 938 animals last year, and are on track to save 1,000 this year!
  1. We are one of few animal rescue groups that have our own veterinary team serving homeless animals.
  1. Our neo-natal kitten foster program is unique in the region. 
  1. We used to be called "Animal Rescue Haven".
  1. We offer monthly grief counseling for those who've lost their pets. 
  1. We like to pun and have hosted such events as "Bay to Barkers", "Pints for Paws", and "Bark (& Meow) Around the Block.
  1. We just debuted a Mobile Adoption Center (a custom-built vehicle that enables us to bring our dogs and cats into East Bay communities and make more loving matches)!
Kosin Huang is a board member and development committee chair for Berkeley Humane. She lives in the East Bay with her husband, daughter, and a rescue mutt named Spartacus.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Going Home: Pineapple

Welcome to another Feline Friday! Today we've got a lovely Facebook post for you that not only features a handsome kittycat rescued by and adopted from from Berkeley Humane, but also pays attention to a really fun initiative: Catou-Marie Crafts and Designs. This notebook-selling team started their venture with a little nudge from their school, but the decision to donate all their profits to Berkeley Humane was all their own!

In their Facebook post we are also introduced to Pineapple, a four-year alumnus from Berkeley Humane. Isn't she precious?

This is what Catou-Marie Crafts and Designs has to say: 
"This is my beloved cat, Pineapple. We adopted her about 4 years ago from Berkeley Humane, and she has been a loving part of our little family ever since!
Please check out the page my friend and I created for our fundraising project! All of our proceeds go to benefit Berkeley Humane :)"

When we checked their Facebook page to learn more about their cool idea, we found the following quote:

"In our junior year of high school, we were introduced to a requirement of the rigorous IB curriculum called CAS: Creativity, Action, and Service. Along with partaking in activities that involved each of these elements, we also had to begin some sort of project. This project had to a) involve at least one other person and b) combine at least 2 of the 3 aforementioned elements. Having been best friends since freshman year, it was easy for the two of us to pick a partner. After that was done, all we needed was a project. We combined our creative minds and came up with the idea of decorating composition notebooks! Because we love crafting, our project couldn’t be better suited to us. We’d hit all the requirements–partner (check), creativity (check) and action (check). However, it felt like something was missing.

After some thought it became clear: this project should mean more to us than just making money. It would be one of our first big accomplishments–we wanted to be truly proud of every aspect. With that, we decided to consider donating what we earn to a good cause. When we came up with the Berkeley East Bay Humane Society our minds were set! Both of us have adopted pets from our local animal shelter, and we feel passionate about helping animals in need.

So here we are today! What began as a required assignment developed into a fun, meaningful project we both feel very dedicated to. 100% of our proceeds (and we mean all of them!) go to the shelter. Buying our supplies and working on notebooks is what we consider our own personal donations. Every purchase you make helps, as do any donations you can spare."

Of course, we at Berkeley Humane are very grateful for what these young women do for us. Why don't you go see if you're in need of a notebook? Or maybe buy some early Christmas presents for your loved ones! Check Catou-Marie's facebook page to learn when their next sale will be. 

Berkeley Humane does all it's work through private donations and sponsorships by companies. We are not publicly funded. This means that any donations you might make are extra appreciated. We couldn't rescue animals without you! If you'd like to learn more about how you can help us continue to rescue animals, you can take a look at our website

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Going Home: Gideon

It’s another Woof Wednesday here at Berkeley Humane and that means we've got a great new adoption story to share! This week we will be checking up on Gideon. 

This adorable pup’s new owners sent us a very positive email to let us know how well Gideon is doing, both with them and his new puppy playmate, Ginger. Read their report below:

“Hello, things are going great!! Gideon has been such a joy for us and our puppy, Ginger; they love playing and interacting with each other! He seems to be very happy and has been eating very well too!! We took him to the vet on Wednesday and they said he was healthy. Thank you for checking in on him. Here is a pic of him cuddling with Ginger! They do that a lot!!”

They say a picture is worth a thousand words but we think this one is priceless. Gideon and Ginger might not have known each other long but it’s clear these two were meant to be friends. We’re so glad Gideon has found a happy, healthy home and would like to thank his new owners for their update! It’s always great to see just how well our adoptees are doing, and especially to see them cuddling up with new friends.

Have you adopted a dog or cat from Berkeley Humane? We’d love to hear your special story! Send us an email or write on our Facebook page to let us know how your new pet is doing. Pictures are always welcome too!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Going Home: Wally

Happy Feline Friday everybody! Did you think you had finally left all the sweetness of Halloween behind? Think again! Berkeley Humane has an almost never-ending supply of stories to melt your heart. 

Today's post comes fresh from our Facebook page and features 1) an adorable cat and 2) our favorite failure: foster failure (meaning that a foster family decides to adopt the animal permanently). Are you up for another bite of something sweet? See what Alyssa has to say:

"Thank you so very much, Berkeley Humane, for making the perfect match! We are absolutely in love with our amazing new cat, Wally. This guy came to us as a very nervous foster, and after only four short days, we knew we had to keep him. He's the sweetest, most ridiculously snuggly and hilarious cat we've ever met, and we can't imagine our lives without him. We are so grateful to you for helping us find him!"

Alyssa, thank you so much for  being one of our dedicated fosters, and for now adopting one of our fantastic felines. Also: that is a gorgeous photo of your adorable new family member. Wow! No wonder you could not resist him.

Did you know that good photo's have an enormous impact on the chances of adoption for our animals? This is why Berkeley Humane is always on the lookout for people wanting to become a part of our volunteer team of pet photographers. If you're good with a camera and can coax the newly arrived dogs and cats out of their shell and really make them shine, please get in touch with us. We'd love to work with you!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Going Home: Lisbeth

Welcome to another exciting Woof Wednesday! This week we will be checking in with Lisbeth (formally known as Senga). Lisbeth’s new owners were kind enough to send us an email update; not only do they love having a new puppy in their life but Lisbeth has already found a new canine friend as well. Read about Lisbeth’s  wonderful new home and family below.

“I saw ‘Senga’ on your Facebook page. Sure, she looked like a mini version of our Corgi/Pit mix Rocket. And yes, she had the same brindle coat, and the same goofy ears. But there was something in her eyes… And while my boyfriend, Eric, is used to me constantly sharing adoptable dog photos with him, this time was different. He immediately said, ‘Well, why don’t we go see her tomorrow?’

At the Bark Around the Block adoption event on Sunday, we walked her around the corner. Eric held her in his arms and said, ‘There’s no doubt we’re taking her home with us, right?’ Right.

She had been severely mauled before she was brought to the first shelter, which was Stockton. Three days before we adopted her, she was luckily transported to Berkeley Humane. She is scarred, and will
probably have some lasting issues with her tongue, due to the incident.

Rocket is dog selective. He either LOVES a dog or, well, REALLY doesn’t like them. So, I was a bundle of nerves. We had them meet on neutral territory. She proceeded to lick the inside of his mouth and climb on his head. He couldn’t have been more pleased about it.

We named her Lisbeth, after one of my favorite characters, Lisbeth Salander (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo). Like Lisbeth Salander, she seems very smart, cunning, and has superb investigative skills. Despite her traumatic start, she’s still finding her way in the world.

Since Sunday, Rocket and Lisbeth have been absolutely inseparable. They vigorously play, take happy walks, and then collapse in exhaustion next to each other. At night, Rocket lies close to her crate to keep a watchful eye on her.

Potty training is, seemingly, a 24-hour job right now. But I will say that it is worth every second. We lucked out with this beautiful pup. We had a great, happy life before, but somehow, it just got infinitely better.

Lisbeth would like to thank you for what you do, Berkeley Humane.

Thanks to Gretchen for sharing this update with us! We are so glad they saw something irresistible in Lisbeth and decided to welcome an adorable new member into their family. It’s clear that Lisbeth and Rocket have become fast friends; they’re already singing duets together!

Are you looking for a new puppy to join your family? Be sure to check out our website or come visit us during dog adoption hours (Wednesday through Sunday between 11 and 5)!