Friday, October 31, 2014

Going Home: Filbert

Hurray for another Feline Friday. And happy Halloween, of course! Before you go out to collect sugary sweets from your neighbors, maybe take a look at the short and sweet update we received through our Facebook page. This post is as sweet as they come, but is amazing for your teeth!

The adorable Filbert (formerly known as Fox) was adopted by Marina in Jun. Here is what she has to say about her kitten:

"Filbert (shelter name Fox) - adopted 6/7/14, and is now joyfully playing through the night, every night :)

Thank you, everybody at Berkeley Humane <3"

Look at that little kitten-face. Who could resist that?

Does your cat play through the night? For some of the lighter sleepers among us, it can impact sleep quality to have a playful cat chase squeaky toys at 1 AM. If that is the case, you could try playing with your cat right before your bedtime, and feeding them when you go to bed. You'll have an increased chance that your cat - now tired and with a full belly - will simply choose to snooze when you do. 

Do you need more cat in your life? Come visit us during our cat adoption hours (Fridays through Sundays from 11-5) and see if we don't have a furry, purring playmate for you. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Guest Post: Five Fun Places to Bring your Dog in Berkeley

By: Kosin Huang

Whether you are new to the Bay Area or to owning a dog or not, it's always nice to learn of great places to take your pet. 

Below you'll find a few fantastic, pet-friendly places in the East bay, where hours of fun are waiting to be had by you and your furry friend. 

1. Point Isabel—If you haven't been here with your pooch, you are missing out on one of the coolest spots near Berkeley. It is an entire island outfitted to be a dog park, complete with its own dog cafe and and dog wash station. The address is: 2701 Isabel St, Richmond, CA.

Point Isabel. Photo from Houzz.

2. Bruce King Memorial Dog Park—New dog park located in El Cerrito. Divided into two parts, it has one side for small dogs and one for large dogs. While it's small, it's a nice park with water and benches. You can find Bruce King Memorial Dog Park on Lexington (2 blocks east of San Pablo) between Blake and Portrero.

Bruce King Memorial Park. Photo from Yelp!

3. Berkeley Marina (Cesar Chavez Dog Park)—César Chávez Park is ninety acres of gently rolling hills located at the Berkeley Marina. In 1998, the Berkeley City Council voted to establish an off-leash dog area of approximately seventeen acres in the northernmost section of the park. It's a great place to go on weekend mornings with your dog or during daytime hours when it's not too busy. Just watch out for foxtails! The address is: 11 Spinnaker Way.

Cesar Chavez Dog Park. Photo from Yelp!

4. Willard Park—Dubbed "Williard Pooch Park" by locals, it's technically not a "dog park," but there's a respectful, silent agreement that pet owners are responsible and mindful of doggy behavior. It's a pleasant little park to bring a blanket and your dog and do some people watching. Lots of families as well as singles. You can find Willard Park on 2730 Hillegass Ave.

5. Berkeley Racing Canoe Center—The Berkeley Racing Canoe Center, home to the DragonMax team, welcomes human and canine visitors to drop by by M-dock at Berkeley Marina during Monday and Wednesday evening practices from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. If your canine pal is well behaved and calm aboard, you can catch a ride. If it's your first visit, arrive 15 minutes early to get situated. The address is: 201 University Ave. 

Kosin Huang is a board member and development committee chair at Berkeley Humane. She lives in the East Bay with her husband, daughter, and a rescue mutt named Spartacus. 


Friday, October 24, 2014

Going Home: Benny

Happy Feline Friday, people! Are you all set for the weekend? Our latest Going Home candidate certainly is. Through the Facebook page we received not one, but two updates with great news and pictures. 

Benny, formerly known as Electrocat, has made himself quite at home with his new family. He even has a cat buddy. We're very happy to hear that the introduction went so well, and hope that Benny, his feline pal and his humans will live happily ever after. Now, on to the words of Benny's adopter: 

"Benny (Electrocat) settling in nicely to our home. He was shy at first, but is now loving life- watching the birds from his cat tree, and spending the nights cuddled up with his humans. I'm lucky that this boy is part of our home now!

And Benny (Electrocat) is getting along great with our other cat, The Beast. We wanted to introduce them more slowly, but they just couldn't resist each other! Thank you Berkeley Humane."

Briana, thank you for being the new human of Benny, and for providing a loving home for him. We hope that you will all give each other a lot of joy in years to come. 

Have you adopted a cat from Berkeley Humane? We'd love to hear how you're doing, and put your cat in the spotlight on Feline Friday. Just send us an e-mail with an update about your cat and attach a few pictures - we'll do the rest!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

After Berkeley Humane: Sparky

Yay! Happy Woof Wednesday, everybody! It's time for another wonderful Going Home post, this time featuring Sparky. 

Did you ever hear the phrase "a picture is worth a thousand words?" That could not be more true than with little Sparky. His pictures say it all - partying it up on the beach, showing off a perky red jacket - we even got a real family portrait!

Sparky's new family also wrote a  few kind words about their beloved pup. You can read them below. 

"We adopted Sparky on Feb. 1, 2014.  We changed his name from Smarty to Sparky.  We love him.  He is very intelligent and he gets along with children and other dogs. " 

We could not be more happy to see Sparky in such a loving and caring environment. Congratulations on finding the newest addition to your family! We hope that there will be many fun times ahead for all of you.

Could you do with some new spark in your life? We have adorable dogs waiting for you to take them home. Come visit us during dog adoption hours (Wednesday through Sunday between 11 and 5) and see if we don't have the pup for you. 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Coming Here : Grumpy Cat

Happiest of Feline Fridays, everybody! Did you hear the festive news? Grumpy Cat is coming to Berkeley to do the honors at Berkeley Humane's ribbon cutting ceremony for our Mobile Adoption Center! Isn't that great?

Berkeley Humane campaigned hard for this to happen, with much help from the community (you can just look for #GrumpytownUSA on your preferred social medium to see how excited we got). Of course we're thankful to Chronicle Books for setting up the contest, but we are especially appreciative of our biggest supporters in the campaign for Grumpy Cat to come to Berkeley:

- the Berkeley Chamber
- the Berkeley Police Association
- Berkeley mayor Tom Bates

Without them, we could not have done it. Nor could we have done it without you, tweeting, facebooking and instagramming friends and Grumpy Cat fans. So thank you to you too!

Do you want to know how you can meet Grumpy Cat when she's here in Berkeley, now known as Grumpytown, USA? Then visit our website at or follow us on Facebook. You'll be totally in the know and have the best chance of meeting the nation's favorite frowny feline.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Going Home: Riley

Happy Woof Wednesday again! Today we're visiting Riley, formerly known as Dream Girl.  Riley is certainly one of the dreamiest puppies to ever pass through Berkeley Humane. In this post we'll share about her finding a new home full of love and new friends. 

She even befriended a bunny - how many dogs can say that?  including Dexter the bunny! Check out these pictures and updates from Riley's awesome new family!

"Dream girl is now renamed Riley and she is doing great. I have enrolled her in a puppy preschool class at Zoom Room in Walnut Creek. She is a happy, energetic, affectionate puppy who wants to play all the time!"

"I also have 2 rescue bunnies and there is a picture of her meeting Dexter, the Netherland Dwarf bunny. She wants so much to play with them but they are a little afraid of her bouncy energy so we are working on her being more gentle. Thank you for rescuing her ... We love her so much!"

That is one adorable family! We are so happy Riley found a loving family that can keep up with her "bouncy energy!"

Do you want a friend to add love and energy to your household? Come visit Berkeley Humane during dog adoption hours (Wednesday through Sunday between 11 and 5) and see if we don't have a furry friend for you.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Going Home: KittenMan

Happy Feline Friday, everyone! We love long-term updates! Hearing how one of our prior shelter pets is doing months, or even years after the fact is one of our favorite things,  And today we have just such a treat for you. This story came to us through our Facebook page

It deals with one of our valued foster parents developing an extra-special bond with one of the animals she fostered, and having what is known as a 'foster failure' (which, really, is one of the very best failures to have, as it means another pet finds a home). 

" I fostered KittenMan (weighed in at 2 months at a whooping 8.30 oz!). He could barely stand and had intestinal issues...

... Now 4 years later (yes, a foster failure), he's grown to a whooping 17lbs and is the best boy ever! I am thankful for fostering that little bundle of joy (& a couple weeks before the devastating fire) and he still, to this day, suckles on my thumb everyday! Thanks for this great cat! He's one of a kind!" 

Isn't this great? And aren't those pictures precious? We wish both Aline and KittenMan the very best and hope they continue to derive great joy from each other's company. 

Are you interested in fostering for Berkeley Humane? We are always looking for dedicated new fosters to help us provide a great home environment when animals are not at the adoption center. If you want to learn more, take a look here