Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Going Home: Dexter

Happy Woof Wednesday, everybody! 

Are you ready for a new set of adorable (and adoptable!) dogs to make their debut on our website? Have you put on your running shoes yet to sprint to our adoption center on March 6th to snap up the pup of your dreams? No camping out in front of our doors, though - we're only open for adoptions from Friday to Sunday, from 11 to 5. 

Go take a look, though, because all of our dogs are (as always) amazing!

Sometimes adopters give us an update about their dogs, and sometimes we're able to do the same for them or, in this case, we gave them a blast from the past - a baby picture of their beloved pet Dexter. Here is what Dexter's family said about that. 

"We received your newsletter and were shocked how small our sweet Dexter (you may remember him as Buster) used to be! He has been such a blessing and we can't imagine our lives without him :) Thank you for helping us find our sweet boy, and giving us the opportunity to make him apart of our family"


Here, by the way is Dexter all grown up. 

Isn't that the most adorable face in the history of dogs? We can't blame Macaela for feeling that way. Thank you, in any case, for giving Dexter the loving home and family he so deserves and needs. We hope you continue adding to each other's lives in great ways. 

Friday, February 27, 2015

Going Home: Mollie

Yay! It's Feline Friday again! 

Time for some entertaining cat stories. And do you know why it's Feline Friday? It's because on Friday we present all the new cats that we've rescued this week to the public. In the honor of those cats who start out on the search towards new homes, we spend the day here with tales of cats. 

Cats such as Mollie, who, just a while back had their own Feline Friday debute, and then managed to find themselves a new family. Now, she returns to the limelight to show you just how much of a difference it makes for a cat to find a loving home.

Sometimes you get those stories where the words really say it all. Sure, it's always nice to be able to look at cat pictures, but Mollie's adopter's words paint a picture all on their own. Let's take a look: 

"Mollie has moved herself in pretty handily. She and I get along famously. I wake up to find her perched on the corner of my bed, she comes and mews in my face when she sees I am awake. She is affectionate but independent. After I've been away during the day, she is very vocal and attaches herself to my ankle for a bit.

I've come to learn the differences between her 'feed me' mews and her 'scratch my ears' meows. We're still trying to figure out what food she likes best -- wet is definitely winning (woe is me for buying a huge bag of dry). She eats fancy feast most voraciously, but (this might be misplaced concern) I feel there is healthier food for her out there. Will probably be a bit before we find the right one.

She occasionally hits the nip, wherein she turns on to a bit of a spaz; but she only does so occasionally.

I had intended for her to be an indoor cat, due to her age. However, she has tried to get outside one out twice when I've opened the door, and given how healthy she is, I might get her a collar and access to outside -- but that'll be at least a month or more away, need to solidify here as 'home' first.

She's tough to get a picture of, as she is very active, but I'll try.

So far there have been no bumps, adopting her has been one of the better decisions of my life. She is a smart old bird."

Isn't it heartwarming? The story of an adult cat seamlessly fitting into a new family is always a lovely thing, as is learning of adopters who really want to do right by their animal and are willing to adjust their ideas to benefit their feline friends. 

Michael, thank you so much for being Mollie's new family. We hope your bond will continue to grow and deepen! In the mean time, we love your story, and we're so happy you've really found a new friend in her. 

As I said earlier, today is the day you can find the newly rescued cats on our website. Take a look and see if there isn't one that can steal your heart!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Going Home: Bud

Happy Woof Wednesday, everyone! 

Today we have a lovely brief story from our Facebook page for you. It involves the very smoochable pooch Bud and his new family. Read below to see what they have to say. 

At the very bottom of this post you'll also find some important information about our adoption hours. Please read if you plan to come visit us anytime soon!
Look at that face!

"Thank you for saving our beloved Bud Bud three years ago. Due to the efforts of your organization, Bud found his forever family and is a happy, healthy, and well-loved dog. There's still time to donate before the end of the year to the Berkeley Humane Society!" 

It's not often that a call for people to donate money to us comes from our adopters, but we appreciate it all the same! We're likely  ot nearly as appreciative as Bud, though, because he gets a loving new family out of the deal, and there are few things that can make any pet happier. 

Did you hear that our adoption hours are changing, by the way? Per March 1st, we will only be open for adoptions from Friday through Sunday from 11 -5. We still want to see you to meet nww friends, though!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Going Home : Dahlia

Happy Feline Friday, everyone! 

Are you ready for another Going Home story? We sure are. 
Especially when it concerns a cat as gorgeous and sweet as Dahlia. Just this week we received a note from her adopters, which, of course made us supremely happy, read along and you can be happy with us (and with her adopters, of course)!

"A gigantic hug and a purr to the amazingly good folks at Berkeley Humane.  You made my Valentine's Day super happy by introducing my husband and me to Dahlia. She is a lovebug and settling in nicely."

Aaaaaahhhh, now that's what we like to hear. And look at the sweet portrait they managed to catch of her. It shows her off in all the regality a cat with the name of Dahlia deserves. She's a classy kitty, for sure. Thank you for adopting her, Karen.  We hope you and your husband and Dahlia will continue to get along. 

Speaking of cool pictures - did you hear that we picked the winners for the #LookingFurLove action? You can see who won on our Facebook page.

If you did not enter your adoption story, but still want a furry love story, come to our adoption hours to see if we have the friend for you. Cats can be visited from Friday to Sunday from 11-5. Dogs keep open house from Wednesday though Sunday, from 11-5. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Going Home: Joey

Happy Woof Wednesday, friends! 

Valentine’s Day has just passed—and we're happy to report that Joey (formerly Theo) has spent it celebrating the great love he recently found in his life. He and his new family are truly smitten with each other, and Joey’s not afraid to show it with loads of puppy kisses. Here’s what his family had to say:

Last week we adopted Theo, now called Joey, and he is such a joy! He is house trained, likes our cat, is so loving and snuggly, and came to us knowing lots of tricks. Thank you for bringing this pup into our lives!”

Affectionate, cat-loving, and has a repertoire of tricks? It’s clear why Joey is so irresistible and warms the heart of his new family! Many thanks to them for adopting this sweet guy and sharing an update.

Are you looking for some canine love? Here at Berkeley Humane, we are always happy to play matchmaker for your family. For more information, check out our website or visit us during our dog adoption hours (Wednesday through Sunday, 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.).

Friday, February 13, 2015

Going Home: Velma

And here's another Feline Friday! On the day before Valentine's Day we've decided to share a post with you about a little wallflower of a kitty who is really coming into herself now that she has a home to call her own. 

When people come to the adoption center, they are often drawn towards the most social cats. Cats that don't do as well in loud spaces with many strangers can sometimes get overlooked. Too bad, of course, because sometimes the cats with the dainty personalities are the biggest love bugs once they get to know you. 

Velma says "Hiiii!"

The story of Velma is an excellent example, as we can see by what her adopter has to say in her first e-mail:

"Velma is doing great! Lots of hiding, but she is coming out slowly... Super friendly (eyes are relaxed) and she is snugly when I can get her in my lap. I'll try to send photos soon.  I have a few on my phone, but need to download to computer to email. 
Thanks so much for all your help!!"

And then she did the best thing: she sent us another email and included some photo's:

"Here a few pics of her getting comfortable in my son's bedroom.  She's really a sweet cat...:-)"

It's a cat's world, according to Velma
 Now isn't this a great story? We sure loved to hear it! It's quite common for animals to need some time to adjust after they have been adopted. Life as a shelter pet is simply different from being a family pet, and it can take even the most gregarious and outgoing critters a while to get their bearings again. 

If you've adopted an animals from us and you have questions about their adjustment, you can always call the behavior hotline. There, we have experienced dog and cat behavioralists who are ready to help you with tips and tricks to get you and your furry friend on their very best behavior. 

A comfortable bed for a comfortable cat!

Last but not least: Have you heard of the #LookingFurLove campaing? Post your adoption story on our Facebook page before Valentine's Day, and you can win a photoshoot with your pet! We look forward to reading all your stories of love! With a bit of luck, your happy tale will also feature on this blog. Wouldn't that be fun?

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Going Home: Matilda

Happy Woof Wednesday, everyone! We are happy to report that Matilda, an adorable little pup, has found a loving family (and the fashionable rug to snuggle in). 

Her adopter, Connie Parsons, recently shared the cutest picture of this little princess on our Facebook page.

Thank you for Matilda! She is so sweet, we love her so much!!

A big thanks to Connie for the happy message and the pic! It sounds like Matilda has found a perfect new home, and we’re excited to hear her new family loves her so much.

Valentine’s Day is almost here. Open your heart to the wonderful animals at Berkeley Humane, who desperately need a wonderful home to call their own. You can check out our newest arrivals on our website, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Please come visit us if you’d like to meet them in person. Adoption hours are 11am-5pm on Wednesday through Sunday for dogs and 11am-5pm on Friday through Sunday for cats.

If you have already adopted an animal from us, we would love to hear how it is settling in! Write us via Facebook or email, or drop by if you are in the neighborhood.