Friday, May 29, 2015

Going Home: Lily

Happy Feline Friday!

Berkeley Humane has some incredible events coming up: if you're looking for a new pet you won't want to miss Maddie's Pet Adoption Days this weekend, and if you're a fan of beer you won't want to miss Pints for Paws next weekend. 

More information about these events is further below. First, let's take a moment of appreciation for a lovely, happy feline.

Robyn Hoke wrote in to share some pictures of her beautiful cat Lily (who went by the moniker Chicklet when she was with Berkeley Humane). 

Just wanted you to see how beautiful little Chicklet (now Lily) turned out. She turned 2 in November and she's such a character. She puts on shows for us, dropping to the ground and rolling around to show off how cute she is. When she's not performing for us, she's usually snuggling with us or her kitty brother, Frankie. 

She's a very special girl. Thank you for taking care of her. 

Robyn, it is our pleasure to have been a part of Lily's life. Thank you for the update on how well she's doing!

Looking for a friend? This is a great weekend to adopt a pet at Berkeley Humane: Maddie's Pet Adoption Days are here! That means free adoptions on Saturday and Sunday!  This is a chance to unite a record number of adoptable pets with welcoming homes. Visit us this weekend to meet some amazing dogs and cats!

After the thrill of Maddie's Pet Adoption Days, we aren't letting the excitement die down: Saturday, June 6 is our second annual Pints for Paws event! "Pints" equals 80 craft brews from 20 craft breweries, and "Paws" means that Berkeley Humane animals benefit from 100% of ticket sales! It's a great event with live music, delicious beer, and good company. Crowd-friendly dogs are welcome! Head to our website to buy tickets.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Going Home: Molly

Happy Woof Wednesday! We’re delighted to share a lovely update on another former resident of Berkeley Humane.

Meet Molly (formerly known as Winn Dixie). We think this fun photo of this adventurous little pup says it all! Here is what her adopter, Ivy Tran, told us in a note:

Look at how happy Winn Dixie (now named Molly) is! She is the perfect dog and we love her so much!”

A big thanks to Ivy for keeping us updated. Molly looks like she’s having a great time, and we hope you have many fun, wild adventures together!

This weekend, May 30 and 31, are Maddie's Pet Adoption Days, during which we'll waive 100% of the adoption fees! Stop by Berkeley Humane between 10am and 4pm to meet our wonderful adoptable cats, dogs, kittens, and puppies. Check out some of the cats and dogs who might be looking for new homes during the event.

You can also visit our website to learn more about both this exciting event and Maddie's Fund, which makes this Maddie's Pet Adoption Days possible.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Maddie's Pet Adoption Days: May 30 and 31!

Welcome to Feline Friday: the best way to ease into Caturday.

We interrupt our usual Friday cat focus to share wonderful news that benefits all adoptable felines and canines at Berkeley Humane.

Next weekend, May 30 and 31, are Maddie's Pet Adoption Days, during which we'll waive 100% of the adoption fees! Stop by Berkeley Humane Saturday and Sunday between 10-4 to meet our wonderful adoptable cats, dogs, kittens, and puppies. 

Visit our website to learn more about both this exciting event and Maddie's Fund, which makes Maddie's Pet Adoption Days possible.

While you're on our website, check out some of the cats and dogs who might be looking for love during Maddie's Pet Adoption Days. 

Here's resident superkitty Catgirl, for example, posing for photographer Michael Goldberg.

We hope to see you May 30 and 31 at Berkeley Humane! 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Going Home: Jerome

Happy Woof Wednesday!

Woof Wednesday is a great day to put on our party hats, enjoy some cake or dog biscuits (depending on your species), and celebrate the May birthday of a Berkeley Humane alum.

Jerome the dog may have been born in the Bay but he now lives the good life in Oklahoma. His proud adopter Judith Leroux Martin got in touch to celebrate Jerome's eighth birthday and to show us how loved he is.

"Jerome wanted to say "hi" on his 8th birthday! My husband got him from Berkeley Humane when he was 4 months old. He is possibly the best dog in the world."

Thanks for inviting us to Jerome's virtual birthday party, Judith! We're so happy that you found the best dog in the world at Berkeley Humane. Cheers to eight happy years together, and may there be many more.

If you adopted the best pet in the world, please get in touch and tell us about it! We love it when happy adoption stories are posted to our Facebook page.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Help animals! Drink beer!

Throughout May, enjoying a pint of refreshing Pyramid Alehouse beer means helping adoptable animals!

This week's featured pint is the Dopplebock. The memories don't end at the bottom of the glass: for $1 extra you can take home the special Berkeley Humane pint glass.

Fifty percent of every pint helps Berkeley Humane. So drink up and do some good!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Kitten Season is Here, and We Need Your Help

Welcome to Feline Friday! Spring is upon us and the weather grows warm, which can mean only one thing at Berkeley Humane: kitten season has arrived!

Hundreds of adorable baby kittens are coming to our facility, and we are doing our very best both to nurture them and to help them find loving homes. We relish our work, but we can’t do this alone. Caring for the very youngest animals requires a lot of commitment and resources.

If you are interested in helping out this kitten season, you can do so in a number of ways – whether by volunteering your time or by donating food, blankets, toys, or money. You can check out our donation page here.

We are pleased to acknowledge that members of our community have provided an incredible amount of support over the years. Volunteer Barbara Judd is a very good example of the dedication and generosity people have shared.

We’d like to introduce you to Barbara and share her story (which originally appeared in Berkeley Humane’s Spring 2015 newsletter, Mutts & Meows). Our hope is that it will shine a spotlight on the immensely important work she does for us. 

Graduating class of cats (by Sherry Liu)

Barbara Judd, Berkeley Humane’s long-time foster of 16 years, took a break from her extremely important work of caring for neonatal kittens to share her experience of raising 248 cats.

In 1999, Barbara was inspired by her son’s school project that tasked him with the care of a plastic baby. Rather than an inanimate object, Barbara reached out to Berkeley Humane and with the help of her son, fostered her first litter of kittens with real needs. It wasn’t long before her daughter and husband also became involved. Barbara’s first litters were 6 weeks old kittens who needed help growing bigger. As she became more experienced, she began to care for “bottle babies” who needed constant feeding, then finally, the neonates brand new to this world.

“Kittens less than one week old are subject to all sorts of things. Some kittens experience major stress, such as being very cold, before making it to a shelter or to me. Many will get infections.” According to Barbara, the key to helping these fragile newborns survive is to track everything, every step of the way.

Barbara shares that it’s crucial to know each kitten well and to track and understand what is considered normal for each animal. Every kitten eats and eliminates at different times, so without tracking it’s easy to overlook a kitten’s missed meal, and each meal makes a big difference in a kitten’s weight and health.

Having raised and saved the lives of so many kittens, Barbara says caring for neonates are not for fosters who need a lot of sleep. However, there are so many joys that make the nightly routine worthwhile. “Kittens are just really sweet... you really fall in love with them, and sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye, so I call it “graduation”. After they learn all their kitty skills, they graduate and I get another class! It’s really amazing to see all the stages, see them grow up, open their eyes, figure out how their body works, and how to play. They’re very sweet.”

There’s a very special kitten who Barbara nicknamed “Binky” because the litter-mates took turns suckling on Binky’s tiny ears before falling asleep each time. Years later Barbara met a huge cat named Binky and realized it was the same tiny kitten she had cared for and nursed to health. She loved seeing Binky full grown and a part of a happy family, and was able to share with them the story of how the name “Binky” came to be.

In addition to neonatal care, Berkeley Humane’s foster program helps save hundreds of lives each year by providing temporary housing and dedicated care beyond our shelter’s capacity. Our animals are given a chance to grow, heal and socialize before they are adopted into loving homes. Interested in fostering? Visit

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Going Home: Loki

Happy Woof Wednesday! 

Today's featured dog is both a world traveler AND what is known in highly scientific terms as a "cuddle bug."

Adopter Anouck Green wrote in to let us know how Loki is doing after his adoption, and to let us know of some big adventures coming up in Loki's life. 

And yes, of course there's an adorable accompanying photo!

"Just a little update on Loki (formerly Marvin, adopted from Berkeley Humane last April)... He's about to become an international traveler! We're moving our entire household (including the 2 dogs and 3 cats) to the Netherlands in 2 months. Not sure how he's going to like the weather, he doesn't seem overly fond of rain..."

Loki looks so content as he soaks up the love! By our calculations the move to the Netherlands is complete, so we hope Anouck, Loki, and the whole household are enjoying their new surroundings! 

Thank you for the update, Anouck. It's a pleasure to see how happy Loki is with you.

Looking for a new friend to participate in your life of adventure? Stop by Berkeley Humane from 11-5 Friday through Sunday to meet your new sidekick!