Friday, January 30, 2015

Going Home: Rusty

Welcome to a fantastic Feline Friday! Berkeley Humane was overjoyed to host Grumpy Cat last weekend but there’s nothing grumpy about the cat featured in this week’s Going Home post. Meet Rusty, formally known as Azul (not hard to guess why he was given that name), who was adopted last year. His new owner sent us a quick update to let us know how he is doing now.

"This is Rusty (previously Azul.) We got him from you guys at 8 weeks and now he's about 6 months. We just love him so much. Thanks so much for rescuing him and bringing him into our lives."

Rusty might not be as famous as our Grumpy visitor last weekend but with those beautiful blue eyes we think he’s just as good looking! We’re so glad he’s found a loving home and he looks pretty happy about it too. A big thank you to Kat for sending us this update!

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Going Home: Pandora

Hurray for another Woof Wednesday! 

In today's post we hear about the lovely blond Pandora (formerly known as Kaylee). Her adopters took her home and posted a Facebook update that very same day. Of course we're delighted to hear that she's loved already and that she started off with showing her sweet and happy temperament to her new owners.  

Also take a look at the fun photo they used to introduce their new pup to their Facebook feed. Isn't it cool?

"We adopted Kaylee this morning and she is now known as Pandora! She is just such a happy puppy!! And loving having her with our family already!"

Pandora, congratulations on finding owners who appear as sweet, as happy and as stylish as yourself! Tabby, Thank you for adopting one of our pooches - we know she appreciates you giving her a loving home. 

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Going Home: Lucille

Happy Feline Friday, everyone! Are you ready to meet Grumpy Cat tomorrow? She'll do the ribbon cutting ceremony on our Mobile Adoption Center, and there will be a chance for you to take pictures with her as well.

In the mean time, let us treat you with great news on on of our former residents: the adorable Lucille. Her adopter wrote us a long email and sent us a picture of her. We always love it when people get back to us to confirm that the animal they chose really fits with their family. And now, without more ado, the words of Lucille's adopter: 

"I wanted to give you an update on Lucille -- she's a sweetheart!  She seems to be adjusting very well and very quickly.  We sequestered her in a kitchen/guest room area when we first brought her home, and she immediately and thoroughly explored the area.  Then she snuck out of that and explored the whole house.  She quickly took over the house on day one!  She hasn't seemed stressed, scared or anxious at all.  In fact, she is absolutely the kitty you described in your adoption post.  She's loving and follows me all over the house (and waits for me to get out of the shower).  She's been playing a lot and is quite the jumper -- so I imagine her weight should drop quickly with all the hunting she's been doing.  She's absolutely adorable, easy going -- part kitty, part Curious George -- and a real character.  I feel very lucky to have her!

Thanks again for all your help in answering my questions and connecting Lucy and I.  I know you understand the challenges of getting photos of her (at least if you want to see her), but here are a couple of new photos from her new home.

Thanks to you and your colleagues/foster parents for the work you do and for taking such good care of Lucille -- clearly she's been well cared for!" 

Thank you, Jay, for the compliment. We do our best to care for our animals as well as we can, but t's always best to have them in a loving home all of their own. We can see from the picture that Lucille has really made herself at home and feels safe and comfortable where she is. 
We wish you and Lucille many years of happiness and playtime together. We're glad you took so much care in choosing her and really taking the time to find a pet that works for you. 

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Going Home: Luna

Welcome back to Woof Wednesday! We’ve got another wonderful going home story this week. We checked in with Ashley to see how things were going with her cute new pup, Luna (Madeline). Read on to see what Ashley had to say about Luna’s life post- Berkeley Humane.

"I am madly in love with Luna (formerly known as Madeline). She is a sweetie pie and I am so happy to have found her. Thank you all for rescuing her and taking the time to love and care for her. I am so glad I can offer her a home and eternally grateful for her snuggles and companionship."

Well it looks like Luna's yoga poses could use some work but she's clearly feeling right at home already! From dog beds to yoga mats, Luna seems ready to cuddle anywhere. We're so happy her new year has started out positively and are grateful to Ashley for sending us this update. 

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Friday, January 16, 2015

Going Home: Princess Grace

Hurray for another episode of Feline Friday!

Today we've got a lovely story from you that came to us through our Facebook feed. It's a bit of an oldie (dating from May of 2014), but since the cat in question is almost up for her 1 year adoptiversary, we thought it would be a great time to share her story. Here is an update on Princess Grace (formerly known as Ember).

This is what her adopters have to say:

"Three months ago on Valentine's Day, we adopted Ember (now known as Princess Grace) and can't imagine life without her. Here she is on the journey home. Thanks again for all you do to care for animals in need."

Look at her, isn't she adorable? We sure think so. Thank you, Yvette, for giving a home to this lovely little lady. We hope you'll have many more adoptiversaries together. 

If you want to see more adorable cats, keep an eye out for more news about Grumpycat coming to Berkeley Humane to cut the ribbon on our Mobile Adoption Center. She'll be coming on January 24, and you can find more information on our Facebook page, Twitter feed or website. If you RSVP, you can get your picture taken with her!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Going Home: Bonaparte

Happy Woof Wednesday, everyone! Today we share the story of Bonaparte (formerly Davis), a Bichon Frise pup with a taste for the finer things. We are happy to report that this energetic little gourmand has quickly conquered the hearts of his new family.

Bonaparte’s adopter, Renee Skudra, wrote recently to let us know how the lucky pup is settling in.

Thought you'd enjoy seeing a photo of him with my son (Nils). His new name is Bonaparte. He's a little dog with a big personality.

He's a pretty funny Bichon (they all are). This morning I left my breakfast on the
TV tray for a moment to answer the phone and when I ran back in the kitchen he was trying to grab the chocolate thing (that's its name) from the Cheese Board.

The other day he managed to take off with a chunk of Trader Joe's cornbread and several weeks ago he dived into some home-made lasagna and got a couple of bites of that. Didn't get sick either, fortunately. He particularly likes to lick people's toes (a foot fetishist????) and lie on the antique quilts on the beds in our house.”

A big thanks to Renee and Nils for the fun update! We’re glad to hear Bonaparte is living with such a wonderful family. We’re sure he’ll be the source of many laughs—and keep you on your toes—for many years to come.

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Friday, January 9, 2015

Going Home: Sailor

Happy Feline Friday! 

Today we have an update on Sailor, a cat recently adopted from Berkeley Humane, and who seems to have become an integral part of his new family already. Sailor's new "mom" writes:

"We adopted Sailor from you on September 14 (during the Solano Stroll). We just wanted to write to let you know that he's thriving. He is a totally wonderful cat-- playful and cuddly and sweet. We're very happy that he's part of our family. I'm attaching a photo here of him with his 'sisters' and grandma." 

Thank you for the update, Sarah, it is wonderful to see how well Sailor is doing! 

After this story of easily integrating a new cat into an existing family, it may be easy to forget that new arrivals can sometimes be challenging. If you're experiencing adjustment problems, or want to know how to help an animal overcome a bad habit, get in touch with Berkeley Humane's Behavior Advice Line.