Friday, August 29, 2014

Going Home: Cocoro

Welcome to another Feline Friday - a day on which we shine the spotlight on the fantastic felines of Berkeley Humane. Today we're celebrating by sharing the Going Home story of the adorable Cocoro (formerly known as Island).

The adorable Cocoro (which we are told means 'heart' in Japanese) was brought home by Darold and his family, and this is what they have to say after two weeks with their new kitty:

"We've been so lucky to find her at the Berkeley Humane Society and knew right away she would enrich our lives, and we've definitely wanted to adopt in the past, so this turned out to be a PURRfect opportunity.

At first, she slept a lot during the day and would hide under the table which seemed natural when adapting to a new environment, but then when night time came she let out her energetic side. The moment we go to bed, whether it be 11pm or 2am, Cocoro decides it’s time to go berserk. She jumps all over the bed, pouncing on whatever she deems suitable, and races all around the entire apartment. It’s quite humorous and entertaining to watch through the night!"

Mana and Jin, our daughter and son, have been learning how to care for Cocoro with their new set of responsibilities. Mana is in charge of feeding Cocoro and Jin helps with cleaning the kitty litter box (though he has been playing in the kitty litter with his toys, I have to remind him that it’s not a sandbox!)
My wife will shampoo Cocoro when needed and has built a small teepee for her. And my part of the responsibility is keeping her healthy with veterinarian visits.
Cocoro is very therapeutic for us and we are really thankful to have her.

We’re sure she’s thankful to be a part of your happy young family too, Darold! Congratulations and thank you for giving Cocoro so much devotion.

PS. The teepee your wife made is simply gorgeous: what a fantastic kitty hideaway!

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Going Home: Gizmo

Happy Woof Wednesday, everybody! Today we have a lovely update from the adopters of Gizmo (you may have known him back when he was named Fuzzy). Gizmo’s adopters were kind enough to send us a happy dispatch from their home, reporting that Gizmo is as mellow as ever.

"Fuzzy is doing well. We have renamed him Gizmo. We have got a dog trainer to work with us in the home. Gizmo is the 3rd of three Lhasa Apsos we have adopted at different times. He is such a mellow, gentle and sweet soul. When we first met him at Berkeley Humane, he wouldn't walk more than half a block and we thought “uh oh, how are we going to walk him with our other dogs.” But since having him, he's become quite the walker, he runs and plays in the dog park and with our neighbor's dog (who volunteers at Berkeley Humane.) It's great to see his playful personality come out. We are thrilled to have Gizmo in our lives."

It definitely shows in the pictures that Gizmo’s adopters are happy to have him as part of the family! We’re excited that Gizmo has new puppy pals to show him the world and encourage him to let loose and get playful! Thank you, adopters! We especially love the picture of Gizmo with his new siblings (doggy and human) out on a hike. 

Woof Wednesday is the day we pay extra attention to our canine pals, after their adoption or during their stay in the shelter and the foster home. Do you think your Berkeley Humane alumnus deserves the spotlight too? Then email the adoptions department with an update about your canine friend! We look forward to your stories. 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Going Home: Archie

It’s Feline Friday again, and today we want to share this Going Home story from adopter Janice and her cat Archie.

Janice fostered for us back when Archie first came to our door. (She did so much work as a cat foster that she nicknamed her home ‘Happy Cat Gardens’!). When Archie came back to the shelter, she decided to adopt him. By now, Archie and Janice have been living together happily for several years. Recently they even adopted another feline friend. Janice sent us a note to tell us about it all and even included some sweet pictures we’re excited to share with you:

Hi y’all,

You probably don’t remember Archie, a sickly little grey kitten brought in about 5 years ago by some good Samaritans. You named him Urchin because he was so pitiful. But the vets in the hospital brought him back from death’s door, and he came to me to foster. I did my best to socialize him for a few weeks, then back to you [he went for adoption.]

A year later, I got a call from one of your staff, Emily Z., who said, “Remember Urchin, the little kitty you fostered? He’s back!” How could I forget! I said, well, maybe I’ll just come and say hello to him. But when I saw him huddled, terrified, in the back of a cage, I had only one choice! Duh! So back to Happy Cat Gardens he came. 

He is still a scaredy cat, but a real sweetheart. We recently welcomed 10 year old Hazel from the SPCA, and after a bit of a rough start, they are now “frenemies”. As you can see in the photo, they even share their monogrammed blankies.

Thanks for all the work you do! And thanks for saving Archie!

It’s so wonderful to hear from adopters so long after an animal has gone home—your story warms our hearts, and we’re pleased to hear that Archie and Hazel have begun to bond a bit! Thank you for your foster work, and thank you for bringing Archie back to Happy Cat Gardens!

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Going Home: Mint

Happy Woof Wednesday, everybody! Today we're celebrating that Mint (formerly known as Kris Jr) has found a loving home! We're super happy to hear how fond her new people are of her, and it's just wonderful how she's already become a part of everything that goes on in the house. 

"We LOVE LOVE LOVE our new family member. She left there Kris Jr but we named
her Mint and she is just the love of our household. The picture in the hat was take your pet to  work day. She had a ball!! Thank you for checking in on us. The whole adoption experience has been awesome!"

Way to go, Mint! Keep it up! And thank you, Kimya, for sharing your enthusiastic words and the adorable pictures.

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Friday, August 15, 2014

After Berkeley Humane: Popoki

Some adopters meet their perfect match at Berkeley Humane, spend many happy years with their companion, then later down the line come back again when they’re ready for another companion to join the family.

The adoption story below is from one such adopter, who adopted from us back in the 90s (yep, we’ve been around a while!) and came back again recently to see our cats. She met and fell completely in love with Luigi: she scooped him up, gave him an awesome new name Popoki, and has been kind enough to share a fabulous snippet of her family's life with him!

We are really enjoying our new baby, Popoki (formerly Luigi.) We are so happy with him! He is so comfortable with people, he was the hit at our Thanksgiving dinner. This is my second Berkeley Humane Society adoption (adopted our cat, Rosie, who passed recently, 17+ yrs ago!) and I can't recommend you enough. The volunteers that come to spend time help the animals so much so that they are ready to join their new homes.

He has moved right in and already found his favorite snooze spot by the window. He is very social and greets anyone who comes to the house with purrs and an ask for a scratch behind the ears. Poki is very photogenic!  Here are just a few of his best photos:

We agree: Popoki is extremely photogenic! Congratulations on finding such a great match. We couldn’t be happier to hear about how readily he became a part of your household!

Are you ready to experience the love and companionship of a feline friend? Come celebrate this very special species with Berkeley Humane today! Every Friday this August, Berkeley Humane is celebrating Feline Friday and offering $5 adoption fees for cats 5 months and over. Visit our Adoption Center at 2700 Ninth St. Berkeley to meet our featured felines Lady Madonna, Millennium Falcon, Penguin & Robin, Phoenix, Queeny, Shell and Valkyrie and maybe fall in love with the purrrfect kitty!

Feline Friday Special: Reduced Adoption Fee For Older Cats

It's Feline Friday again! As you may have read last week, we are celebrating Feline Friday these late summer weeks with a special that we hope will help connect more of our cats with loving families. Every Friday this August, we're offering $5 adoption fees for all cats 5 months and older. That includes the adoption fee of our darling Queeny, pictured below!

If Queeny fits, she sits!

Why have we decided to celebrate this way? For multiple reasons, really. One: late summer is often a great time for people to adopt an older kitty. Two: older cats sometimes lose the cuteness competition from the many kittens we have, even though they're equally as sweet and adorable. Three: we want as many people as possible to enjoy the love of a feline friend!

Berkeley Humane's Cat Program Coordinator Cathy Marden further explains great reasons for adopting an older cat:

"With the start of the school year and new routines being established, the late summer tends to be a busy time for many people. This makes it an excellent time to adopt an older cat because older cats tend to be more mellow and stable in their personalities. When you bring an older cat home
you don't need to worry about kitten-proofing every square inch of your home. Older cats may need a few additional days to adjust to the transition from adoption center to home, but after they're comfortable they make amazing pets! They're not full of surprises the way kittens can be. Is this kitten going to be short haired? Meow a lot? Shy and aloof? Wait until it grows up to see. With an adult cat, you know the coat length and personality traits before you bring him home. Plus, older cats have been around the block (figuratively speaking) and know about scratching posts, litter boxes
and night time sleep schedules - meaning that they require much less training than a young kitten. And if you're looking for a cat that's super playful, many older cats will fit that description perfectly too! Cats can retain their playfulness well into their teens; it's just a matter of providing them with toys to stimulate their prey drive and they'll happily stalk and pounce, run and dart, and generally keep you entertained.

Queeny, our gorgeous and lovely cat shown earlier, is only two years old and has a very sweet, delicate personality. She enjoys cuddling, likes to take cat naps on your lap and is up for a little daily play as well. However, her sensitive nature makes it stressful for her to come to the adoption center, which can make her easily overlooked when a handful of rowdy kittens are tumbling into their water bowls and climbing your trouser legs. Queeny is the kind of cat that would really shine in a calm household with a stable guardian with whom she can hold court. She has a lot of love to give!

Queeny hanging out while waiting for her Prince or Princess Charming

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Going Home: Jake

Welcome to Woof Wednesday! Today we share an update about Jake (formerly known as Ryan), who is clearly hitting it out of the park with his new family. It's great to hear how well he is doing and how eager he is to become the best dog he can be. Frisbees, spiders, Jake takes it all in stride now that he has found a home.

"Jake, previously Ryan, is doing great! We couldn't have asked for a better dog. He is so easy to train. Within the first 2 days, he was already following our commands to sit and lay down. He is fully potty trained. No messes in the house at all. He loves to play fetch, has frisbee dog potential, loves to snuggle up to us on the couch and has a special talent of finding (and sometimes eating) spiders much to my son's delight. My son is terrified of spiders, but we seem to get a bit of them around this time of year. He calls Jake the spider detector and asks him to do a spider check in his room every night. Having Jake around seems to have reduced some of the anxiety my son has with spiders. According to my son's preschool teacher, my son talks about Jake at school all the time and is really excited about having him. She's noticed his listening skills have improved too.

Both my husband and I have had dogs in our lives and have gone to dog training classes before. We're trying to do some basic training with him on our own for now and will probably enroll in a training class closer to home at some point so he can learn to pay attention when other dogs are around.
Pictures from last weekend..."

Thank you, Debbie, for sending us this glowing story about Jake and what he means to you. 

Receiving updates about the animals you have adopted from us, is one of our favorite things. If you want to share with us how your pet is doing, please get in touch. We'd love to hear from you!