Friday, July 11, 2014

After Berkeley Humane: Inky and Pinkie

When a pair of kittens get to go home together, we all shout a whoop of joy! We know that the love and hilarity of owning a pair of bonded kitties will change the lives of adopters for the better, and we’re extra glad that cats get to keep a friend as well as gain a family.

Brothers Inky and Pinkie went home together just a week or two ago, to a great home with human brothers to play with! Already their family has checked in to tell us how they’re doing:

All of us are doing well and I want to thank [Cathy, our cat coordinator] for everything.

The human boys are in love. The feline boys are fearless and gladly accept play, cuddles, quiet, and loud. They're eating well, playing well, sleeping well.

Thank you so much, and please thank the foster parent for us.

Are you interested in becoming a Foster Care Provider for a cat or dog looking for a home? Learn more about our Foster Program here!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

After Berkeley Humane: Sugar Plum Fairy

Sugar Plum Fairy is one of the most darling gals to ever come into our Adoption Center. And her name turned out to be rather serendipitous—her adopter works at a ballet school, so the moniker ‘Sugar Plum Fairy’ makes us think this pairing was meant to be!

I've had Sugar Plum Fairy one month and I've loved every minute.

I am totally in love with my little pup, Sugar Plum Fairy. I take her to work with me (a ballet school) everyone loves her! She has to greet each individual. When it's time to get to work she dutifully curls up in her bed. When I'm not at work she helps me in the back yard and gets to wander around moving mulch and smelling. We've already learned how to fetch and after a session of fetch she's often so excited that she tears around the house or yard. We take a walk on a leash each day and are getting better about not stopping every two feet to check out a small or a sound.

What lovely photos, and what a sweet little update from Sugar Plum Fairy’s adopter! We all sat around ooh-ing and aah-ing over this cuteness overload!

Thank you for passing these along! Congratulations on your “sweet” new life, Sugar Plum Fairy!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

After Berkeley Humane: Gompers

Little boy Gompers, formerly known as Jingles, was scooped up by his new mama who emailed in to share this adorable picture (and a little bit of an update on how he’s been doing!)

Things are going really well for Gompers and me! He recently got his first haircut and it’s amazing how much slimmer he is without all of that hair! I've attached a photo.

He is also doing quite well with his training, but I am excited to bring him to obedience class at Berkeley Humane. I think he would enjoy agility, so I'm hoping to work toward that.

Gompers gets along well with my roommate's Chihuahua, and they enjoy playing together. Everyone is impressed by his calm demeanor, and he has certainly made my life much richer. 

Thanks again for all you do to make adoption possible.

Woohoo for Gompers! It sounds like he has seamlessly become a part of the home. Thank you to Gompers’ adopter for giving him such a clearly great life! Can’t wait to see you two in training classes soon!

Do you want to enroll your dog in one of our training classes, too? We offer a variety of behavior and training services to all dog owners—but if your dog is a Berkeley Humane alumni, our basic manners class is HALF OFF!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

After Berkeley Humane: Owen

Meet Owen! Owen, formerly Orrin, was adopted from us in May of this year. His adopters already had a cat at home (John—another Berkeley Humane alum!) and they hoped the two cats would bond. Happily for Owen and John, they certainly did bond—now, the two are inseparable!

From the start, Owen has been extremely loving with us, but he wasn’t sure what to make of John, our 14-year-old orange tabby. Owen was 10 when he came to live with us and had been declawed by his previous owner(s). He had been living on the street and in various shelters, and I suspect had had some bad experiences that made him leery of strange new cats. John, however, was also declawed by his previous owner and is so sweet and mellow we call him our “honey cat.” He soon convinced Owen that all he wanted was to be his new friend. They love to play “bop, run and chase,” and John, who had been getting a bit portly with his advancing years, has even lost some weight! They also like sleeping near each other in patches of sun. Most recently, John had to have dental surgery for an abscess. When we put John in his carrier and he started yowling, Owen not only tried to get into the carrier, he tried to stop us from leaving the house with John—he grabbed my wife’s calf with his paws and teeth (fortunately, she was wearing jeans) and tried to bring her down! Now that John is back and recovering, Owen is extremely gentle with him.

Owen is a wonderful addition to our home—a warm, purring, lap cat with us, and an exuberant pal (as well as fierce and loyal friend) for John. 

He is truly a wonderful cat, and we love him to pieces.

(P.S.  John was also adopted from Berkeley Humane, in December of 2002.)

We’re so happy that Owen has found a happy home to blossom in as well as a new playmate. Thank you, adopters—and thanks to John, too, for making Owen your friend!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

After Berkeley Humane: Robespierre

Robespierre, the incorruptibly frisky feline, has found a loving family to entertain with his antics! His proud new family wrote in to tell us all about what he's been up to these days:

We are absolutely delighted with Sweet Pea, now named Robespierre (my daughters like French revolutionary history.)

We are absolutely thrilled with the new addition to our family. Robespierre is an amazing cat—full of delightful and playful energy. We think he believes he is a dog, as he follows us around the house and even likes to go with us in the car! He has adapted perfectly to our home life and my children all adore him. Berkeley Humane helped us set up our home for Robespierre and made the entire process extremely easy. We couldn't be happier with our new kitten!

What a darling snippet of Robespierre’s happy new life! He sounds like he’s settled in beautifully, and become a funny little companion! Thank you so much to Robespierre’s new mama and family. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll see Robespierre out on a joy ride sometime soon!

Looking for a kitten of your own? Our cat adoption hours are Fridays and weekends 11am to 5pm. Don’t forget, we’re at 2700 Ninth Street in Berkeley. Hope to see you soon!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

After Berkeley Humane: Freya

As our loyal blog followers, we’re sure you’ve popped over to our Facebook page at one point or another to check out our ‘going home’ photo albums. (The albums are chock-full of photos of our animals leaving our shelter with their new families. Check them out if you haven’t already!)

Why do we take these pictures? We’ll answer that question with a simple image:

That picture above is proof: these ‘going home’ photos capture an incredibly beautiful moment in the shared life of adopters with their new family members. This happy pup is Tully (now Freya!) going home with her ecstatic adopters! Madeleine and Jeff wrote in to us to gush about their sweet new life together as a trio: we’re happy to share their joy with all of you now!

Tully has been with us for 3 weeks now and we could not be happier. Jeff (my love) and I are convinced she is an angel from heaven, we cannot believe how well-behaved and adorable and loyal and perfect she is. We have re-named her Freya, which means "lady" in Scandinavian, and is also the name for the Norse Goddess of Love. :)


From the day we took her home with us, Freya has not left our sides. I go to school and work during the day, but thankfully Jeff has a very flexible job and is able to be home with her when I'm gone She is the sweetest girl, always down to play and romp when it's time, but very happy to curl up on the bed with her stuffed ducky toy when Jeff and I are studying or working or eating. She is literally the best dog I've ever seen -- and I'm not exaggerating just because I'm in love with her. ;) Freya is attentive, knows how to be gentle even when we're rough-housing and playing around, immediately sits or stops when she hears a stern tone, comes when called, and gives all the kisses in the world. And only 14 months old! I'm amazed at how well she responds to our voices, and our patient consistent training. Freya has only had ONE accident in the house, ever! And she learned right away how to ask at the door to be let out. We genuinely can't believe our luck. 

Jeff and I go on many hikes and adventures, and she has been an incredible travel companion. She especially loves sprinting up and down the beach and splashing in the ice-cold ocean. On long drives, Baby Frey curls up on a blanket in the backseat and sticks just the tip of her nose out the window. In general, as long as Jeff is there or I am there, Freya is content and calm. She knows that we will love her forever and take care of her no matter what. 

Overall, our little happy family could not be more joyful about Freya. All our friends are jealous that we get to cuddle with her all night. ;) Thank you, thank you, thank you for caring for her until we could. 

We're so grateful for the work you do. 

Hugs from the humans, and kisses from Freya!

Thank you for the AWESOME pictures, Madeleine and Jeff! Give Freya lots of cuddles from all of us here at Berkeley Humane (that’s right, we’re just as jealous as your friends are!)

Want to submit your own going home story with us? We welcome ‘em anytime-- we love featuring them! Email with your own story and pictures, and we’ll happily put you up on our blog, too!