Update on Butte County fires

Honey Run Covered Bridge remains.
Photo by Kurtis Alexander, San Francisco Chronicle
If you ever visited the town of Paradise, California, then you are familiar with the Honey Run Covered Bridge. Built 123 years ago and listed on National Register of Historic Places, it was thought to be the last surviving structure of its kind in the United States: a three-span Pratt-style truss bridge. It has now been reduced to nothing more than smoldering ash. A looming symbol of the devastation and loss of life caused by the Camp Fire in Butte County.

As the smoke continues to impact the Bay Area, we have received many inquires as to the status of the shelter animal rescue efforts. If there is any good news in this tragic story, it is that there is a strong and well-organized animal disaster response team in the North Valley area. The shelter dogs and cats in Paradise have all been relocated safely.

Berkeley Humane did receive an initial request for supplies, such as pet food and travel carriers, which we delivered to the Chico area on Saturday. We stand at the ready to respond in a greater capacity if needed, but at this time there has not been an additional request for supplies nor a request to transport animals to the Bay Area. Local animal welfare volunteers are coordinating with the Office of Emergency Services, which is exactly how the response in a major emergency should work.

It is vital that individuals and small rescue groups do not self-deploy. This causes confusion and animals that may have had a chance to be reunited with their owners could be separated forever. It is also important to not start collecting and sending supplies that are not specifically requested. Donated items that are not needed can pile-up and become burdensome in a disaster area if they are not able to be put to good use.

If you do not have a disaster plan for your own family, we urge you to make one today. 
Click here for resources you need to get started.

We will keep you up to date when there are additional updates to Berkeley Humane’s disaster response to the fires on our Facebook page or via email (sign up for our email list here). 

In the meantime, please be safe and hug your pets just a little tighter today.

DON'T FORGET: We still have two wonderful dogs available for adoption from the Carr Fire rescue in August 2018: Jason and Lilian.

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