Going Home: Cali

Happy Woof Wednesday, everyone! Are you all ready for Thanksgiving? We sure are. 

We're always very grateful when one of our animals find a new home and we firmly believe that the dogs are grateful too!

Today we share the story of Cali, formerly Conchita. She is doing well in her new home and we thought we’d share her family’s update with you:

"Oh my goodness she is so amazing. We LOVE her. We named her CALI. Like California puppy. She knows a few commands already and she is 99.9% potty trained. We went for a walk this morning which she loves. Thank you again for your help."

It’s always our pleasure to assist humans and pets in meeting! Do you want to participate in this too? And get to meet sweet, snuggly puppies like Cali as a bonus? Become a canine friend at Berkeley Humane—email our volunteer manager Dana Bushouse to get involved at dbushouse@berkeleyhumane.org!

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