Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Going Home: Lola

Welcome to Woof Wednesday! This week we bring you an update on Lola (formerly Cordy), who was scooped up by Lauren and Nick towards the end of 2015.  

Although she quickly bonded with new squeaky toys, Lola was a bit too nervous to venture outside during her first weekend. Thanks to some patience and gentle coaxing, she has now adjusted nicely!

“We've been able to take her for an hour long walk in the morning and evening, usually with a stop at the dog park so she can run off some of her lingering puppy energy. We've been keeping a close eye on her interactions, but so far she seems to get along well with any dog willing to run REALLY REALLY FAST and tussle. We've ecstatic with her progress-we even got her to jump in the water for a bit on a long walk on the Bay Trail.”

"We think Lola is happy with her new life as well "

Thanks to Lauren and Nick for your awesome update! We hope you and Lola continue to have more great adventures together!

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