Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Going Home: Henry

Ready to put a little woof in your Wednesday?

Today we'd like to share the adoption story of Henry, formerly named Giles. The pictures his adopters shared with us show a smiling, happy dog who was excited to be with them from the first car ride home!

Henry on his way to his new home
Henry's adopters, Jose and Berenice, had this to say about welcoming Henry into their home:

Giles new name is Henry after Henry Ford. My boyfriend is a huge fan of Mustangs that he decided to change Giles name to Henry. He responds to Henry very well. Henry has adapted to his new home since the first day. He has hes section of our pack yard where he goes potty. He enjoys his walks in the mornings and at night. Henry has learned to do a hand shake and he behaves very well with my 2yr old niece and 8yr old nephew and is very gentle with her.

Thanks for checking on Henry!

Jazlyn and Henry

Our 1st selfie with Henry


We're so pleased to learn how happily Henry has fit into your lives, Jose and Berenice. Thank you for the update! 

If you're looking to add some woof to your home, take a look at our adoptable animals.  To make sure your dog is as gentle with children as Henry, keep an eye on our dog training classes, where we occasionally run a "dogs and children" class. 

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