Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Going Home: Dahlia

Happy Woof Wednesday, everyone! Today we are back with a special story about Dahlia, who was formerly named Diamond. Not only did she become a precious part of her family, but she also helps her foster brother get used to life with a loving family.

Dahlia is the perfect role model for her foster brother. She is a quick learner, obedient, and makes sure to take care of her foster brother. Let us see what her family, Catherine, says:

"Hello, I adopted Diamond about six months ago from you and wanted to update you! She's huge now! And her ears popped up lol. We are fostering through OAS and PALS and she adores her foster brother. His name is Dancer and we changed Diamond's name to Dahlia. She is definitely a mellow dog and very very smart. She can get hyper but once I break out the treats she falls right into her obedience training. She loves walks and hikes, but has yet to understand the Heel command. She even loves taking baths lol! She was a devil child in the beginning when it came to biting, but since we got her foster brother she rarely bites anymore, except him. They wrestle and play constantly!”

What a cute and understanding dog! In the picture above, we can see Dahlia and Dancer proudly facing the camera.

In the right picture, we see these two happily playing with each other.

We thank YOU Catherine, not only for adopting, but also for taking part in a foster program. The dogs have received tons of love from your family. By participating in the program, we know that Dancer will have a higher chance of getting adopted in the future.

Even if one is unable to adopt, fostering is always another choice. Fostering helps the dogs learn how to live with a family, and helps them get comfortable in that environment.

If you are interested in our foster program in any way, please check out our link here!

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