Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Going Home: Mischa

Welcome back to Woof Wednesday, everyone! Today we are introducing a loving adopter/adoptee pair who cannot stand to leave each others' side for more than a moment.

Mischa used to be named Marianne Favro after a NBC newscaster as part of a Berkeley Humane and NBC collaboration (a partnership we are happy to say will return for 2016's Bark and Meow Around the Block celebration). Let's see how this special dog is doing with her new family!

"She is doing great! We are attached by the hip - today I had to leave her in her crate for 3 hours and it was the longest 3 hours of my life... She did great though. I left a Kong, a bone, and one of her favorite new stuffed animals, Possum, in the crate with her.

Now we are in the backyard and she is still working on her bone! I took her on a long run this morning and we were both exhausted after.

I left a message for a check up visit at the Montclair Veterinary Hospital today. I will also call tomorrow.

I am unable to take her to the basic obedience class on Thursday unfortunately because I work late those nights. Would you suggest I find a basic obedience class elsewhere that works better with my schedule? I would love to get her into training as soon as possible!"

Thank you, Maya, for sharing with us and providing so many toys for Mischa! This bundle of energy is definitely having the time of her life.

A check up is always a good idea to keep your dog healthy. As for basic obedience class, there are indeed other training classes outside of Berkeley Humane though we offer a tremendous range of classes. See our impressive list of training class options here or get in touch with our certified trainer to talk about other options!

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