Friday, November 20, 2015

Going Home: Purrfect Pals

Welcome to Feline Friday, everyone! Have you ever worried or wondered whether or not to adopt another pet? This post will surely show that two can be better than one. Another furry friend not only becomes another family member for you and your family, but also a companion that your first pet can enjoy. 

Want advice on how to safely (and peacefully) integrate an additional furry family member to your household? Call Berkeley Humane’s free advice hotline for dog or cat behavioral tips!

Below, Ariane Mitchell shows us that love at first sight can happen with an animal. And that love becomes serendipity when it is shared with another furry friend. 

"These two were both adoptions from Berkeley Humane ... We adopted them a year apart ... It was pretty much love at first sight... It makes us so happy to give these two lovely creatures a loving home. Thanks for all you do Berkeley Humane!"

Thank YOU, Ariane, for giving these two beauties a loving home! This is the perfect example that it is never too late to give your pet another furry friend.

Aren't these two furballs adorable? They look so comfortable and content together!

Want to give your cat a feline buddy as well? Take a look here or stop by during our adoption hours from Friday through Sunday from 11am to 5pm. Berkeley Humane staff have excellent tips on choosing the right personality for your household and slowly introducing pets to one another.

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