Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Going Home: Jackson

Once again, Woof Wednesday is back! As the temperature turns cold, remember to keep warm! Meanwhile, Jackson (who went by the name Jerboa during his time at Berkeley Humane) is definitely helping his new family keep warm. Nothing is like cuddling with a bundle of joy.

We love to hear about the pleasant surprises a dog can bring. Dogs will be dogs, and they will offer us plenty of laughs and happiness. Who could resist such a cute dog?

Let us see how Jackson adapts to his new family. Below, Rachel will show us how playful and loving he can be. Be prepared to have your heart melt!

"Things are going great! We decided to call him Jackson, and he has already added so much to our home!

The introduction between Jackson and our roommates' dogs went better than we even imagined- they are dying to play together, but for now since he still has kennel cough we are keeping them apart.

We love him so much, and feel so grateful that we found him. I'm attaching a few pictures so you can see how our family is coming together.

Also, we intend to sign up for the basic training course that starts in October, so you can look forward to seeing him then, as well!"

A few months after this initial communication, we got back in touch with Jackson's family to ask about health, training, and more. Rachel had even more wonderful things to say!

"His kennel cough cleared up easily, and as it did we got to know more of his personality. He's definitely got the spirit of a puppy in him - all cuddles and energy when we come home and always eager to play. Other things we've discovered about him in the past few months:
  • He loves stuffed animals- he always has to have one near him or in his mouth if he's walking around the house.
  • He's afraid of the dark. He doesn't like to walk at night so we put a bike light on his collar so that he can go outside with his own nightlight when he has to.
  • He's very eager to please and easy to train. We've been taking the introductory class at Berkeley Humane and he takes to the commands and directions really well.
  • He loves to cuddle and if you'll let him he will press as much of his body against you as possible at all times in all positions.
We were able to successfully introduce him to our roommates' dog, and although they have since bought their own place and moved out, he loved playing with their rescue pittie Maggie- their favorite game was running in concentric circles together around the yard as fast as they could.

We are just so happy that we ended up at the adoption fair that day, and at the right time to meet Jackson and take him home. He has brought so much joy to us and we can't imagine our family without him."

Sounds like Rachel was fated to adopt Jackson! She and her husband have been giving Jackson all the love in the world. We can tell that Jackson has become an important member of the family.

If you would like to meet your fated match, feel free to drop by during adoption hours Friday-Sunday from 11am-5pm.

Check out Berkeley Humane's training classes (maybe your dog can learn alongside Jackson!) and sign up here!

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