Friday, October 16, 2015

Going Home: Loki

Is there a Comic-Con for cats? Because if there is, this dapper lad is ready--and he won't even need a costume. Because that pose he's struck, those green eyes and that bit of ginger coloring? Well, he looks an awful lot like his namesake, don't you think? 

Loki strikes a pose ...
I suspect that young master Loki has zero interest in the convention experience, given what his adopter Amanda shared with us on Facebook:

"We adopted Loki (formerly Cobain) almost a year ago from you guys. We make a great family and he is so handsome. Thank you for your work."

Amanda, we are so thrilled to hear that Loki has been part of your family for a year already! We SO appreciate the update on your handsome (yes!) boy.

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