Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Going Home: Bella

Happy, Happy Woof Wednesday!

Yes, it's finally official - fall is here! Enjoy our wonderful East Bay weather as it gets a little cooler and the air a little crisper with each passing day. And (pssst, don't tell!)... the holiday season will be here before you know it!

Thinking about all that wonderful fall "stuff" got us in the mood to celebrate. And so we picked this Woof Wednesday to share the story of how three-year-old Funny Valentine - who now goes by the name of Bellais bonding with her wonderful new family.

Here's how Felicia, Bella’s adopter, announced the newest member of her family on Facebook, including how Bella got her new name. 

“We just adopted Funny Valentine from Berkeley Humane. We renamed her 'Bella' because she’s just so pretty!”

We couldn’t agree more. Just look at her soulful eyes and amazing eyelashes… Bella indeed!

Bella enjoying a new toy!
Felicia went on to say:

“She fits right in with our little family. I woke up with her cuddled up right next to me. She’s very lovable and gentle. Thank you for this beautiful gift, Berkeley Humane.”

Bella’s new family has been busy making their newest member feel right at home. Bella has her own house outdoors as well as an indoor bed - both wonderful choices.

But can you guess Bella’s favorite? Safe to say that Bella’s favorite is wherever she can cuddle with the family that has welcomed her as one of their own.


Thank you, Felicia and family, for being loving and committed adopters and for sharing this heart-warming update. We are sending you {hugs} from Berkeley Humane, and please keep us posted.

We love hearing about animals bonding with their new families. And since every picture tells a story, well, we love seeing photos as well!

Come visit us at Berkeley Humane if you’re thinking of adopting a “cuddle” of your own this fall. We’re open Friday through Sunday from 11am to 5pm. Our website has great information on the adoption process and our available cats and dogs. Hope to see you soon!

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