Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Going Home: Pebbles

There is one perfect dog, and every dog owner has him or her!

Today's Woof Wednesday is about a storybook-perfect human/dog bond that grew out of an adoption during Maddie's Pet Adoption Days in May. (You can read more about that event here. The story includes a photo of the adoption board where staff keep track of adopted animals' names, and today's featured pup is on that board under her old moniker!)

When Laura Blum met Quinoa the dog at Berkeley Humane, she decided that the two of them were right for each other.

Here's their very first picture together just after the adoption was finalized:

Going home!

Laura decided Quinoa was more of a Pebbles, and the two began the process of getting to know one another. This included some surprising discoveries -- some delightful, some a little scary. Here's what Laura shared with Berkeley Humane in June:

"She's a pretty sick cookie right now. She has a bladder infection on top of her cold and fractured tooth, and GI upset from being on so many medications. She's hanging in there though, and coming out of her shell more every day.

I renamed her Pebbles. I discovered that minus some accidents due to the bladder infection she's actually house trained. She's mostly been sleeping (I'm guessing because she's so sick), but perks up on walks and at the prospect of cuddling on the couch.

She's very vocal now and will whine about things like walks when she's sleepy and it's cold out - I think it's adorable. She doesn't know anything except "come" right now, so we'll definitely take advantage of Berkeley Humane's small dog obedience class when she's had her tooth out and is feeling better."

Thanks to Laura's diligent training, Pebbles did indeed graduate (at the top of her class!) from Berkeley Humane's Small Dog Basic Obedience Class under the direction of Berkeley Humane Dog Trainer Nancy Frensley. You can learn more about that class and others on our website.

"I made Nancy take a "graduation" photo of the two of us, then cried a little bit when I got home because I was so proud of Pebbles."

Laura should be proud of herself, too. Paying close attention to Pebbles' medical needs paid off, and as of late August most of those early physical issues were looking much better.

"She's completely over her cold and bladder infection (and the GI problems caused by taking multiple antibiotics). She slept pretty much nonstop the first 1.5-2 weeks that I had her.

She went in to have her tooth extracted and they messed up something with her breathing tube and had to abort the surgery (scariest phone call I've ever gotten). She's set to go in again early next month because they didn't want to put her under general anesthesia again for a while."

Relinquishing control of your heart to a pet can be the best thing in the world, but it can be frightening when that pet is ill. Berkeley Humane offers post-adoption medical support to help new adopters assess their new pet's needs and get the right care. We want every adoption to be a happy and healthy one.

Pebbles is lucky to have found a new home with an owner who expands her horizons with lots of outdoor excursions and trips all over the dog-friendly Bay Area! Laura shares with us:

"She comes everywhere (that I can legally take her) with me.

She used to come on BART and to work with me when I worked in a dog-friendly office. One of the photos that I included is of her sleeping under my desk at work."

Laura and Pebbles are busy exploring everything the world has to offer them. We're also sharing a picture of Pebbles at the Point Isabel dog park. Laura tells us it's Pebbles' favorite new hangout spot, and the blissed-out doggy smile on Pebbles' face seems to confirm it!

"She's just such a wonderful, cuddly little dog. I feel like the luckiest person in the world!"

"I just love her."

It's pretty clear that Pebbles absolutely adores you, too, Laura. 

Congratulations on your happy adoption and all the adventures you two share! We wish you the best of luck with Pebbles' upcoming surgery. May you have many more joy-filled years together.

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