Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Going Home: Kashi

Here's a quick Woof Wednesday lift to your day: A mid-week update on one of Berkeley Humane's recent adoptees!

Often when we update Woof Wednesdays and Feline Fridays, we not only update you on the animal's happy new home, but also its new identity in the world. But sometimes the name an animal bears while at Berkeley Humane just suits them! 

Today's adopted dog is one such animal: in his new home he's kept the same name that our staff bestowed upon him: Kashi!

No longer just the name brand of your favorite whole grain cereal, Kashi is now a quadruped pedestrian of Frontage Road and caretaker of small plushes. 

Take a look at this peaceful pup soaking up the sunshine and his family's love:

Kashi and his new family taking in the best of the East Bay
May your bed be plush and warm, Kashi!
As you can see, Kashi's family loves him. They report that he is already housebroken and "so well-behaved."

Congrats, Kashi, and thank you to Kashi's new family!

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