Friday, September 25, 2015

Going Home: Eleanor

Happy Friday! What a lovely day to talk about cats!

Berkeley Humane opens every Friday at 11 AM to introduce animals to potential adopters. 

Interested in a cat? We have some great ones looking for homes this weekend! Stop by to talk to our Adoption Counselors about which cat might be the best fit for you. 

Recent adopter Amanda Stempson could tell you about the adoption counseling process: she adopted a beautiful cat named Prairie Flower just this month! We're proud to see how well Prairie Flower, now named Eleanor, has instantly adapted to her new home. Take a look at this lovely lounging lady:

And would you believe this is Eleanor's first day in her new home? Amanda tells us:

"We were so happy to bring home Prairie Flower today! She's acclimating well to her new home and new name: Eleanor. Thanks, Berkeley Humane!"

You are so welcome, Amanda! We'll sign off with one more soulful picture of Eleanor's astounding eyes by Berkeley Humane photographer Michael Goldberg.

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