Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Going Home: Snaggle

Happy Woof Wednesday!

So many animals found homes this past weekend at Bark & Meow Around the Block! We'll give you a closer look at the record-setting adoption numbers later in the week. To celebrate Woof Wednesday, here's a barking tale about a small pup who also found a wonderful home a few months back.

Meet Snaggle, formerly Irish Red.

How adorable is Snaggle? Those ears, those eyes, and best of all, that tooth! Not every dog can pull off a snaggle tooth with such style but as you can see, Snaggle does it with ease.

Here's a note from Snaggle's adopter Kathy, who had this to say:

"I renamed Irish Red.  He is now, officially, Snaggle, because of his snaggle tooth.  He is a wonderful dog and he truly was meant to be here.  We have gone to see our vet and I signed him up for training.  Thank you for bringing us together."

Thank you for the update Kathy! Here's to Snaggle and working on those training commands.

Did you find a special friend at Bark & Meow Around the Block this past weekend? Update us about your Berkeley Humane adoption story on Facebook, or send us a note!

If you're looking for new friends to love, visit Berkeley Humane Friday through Sunday from 11am to 5pm. Our website has great information on the adoption process and our available cats and dogs.

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