Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Going Home: Misha

Hello and welcome to a particularly triumphant Woof Wednesday! Today we're proud to introduce you to Misha, a very special dog.

Misha, who was known as Miss Rose while she was within Berkeley Humane's care, came to California by way of Arizona. It's truly a credit to Misha's sweet-hearted tenacity that she made the journey.

Originally discovered by Rural Area Veterinary Services (RAVS) on an Arizona reservation, Misha showed clear signs of ongoing torment. Despite rocks being thrown at her, she remained friendly and patient to the RAVS veterinarians.

A great bulk of RAVS' work consists of traveling to rural areas to provide spays, neuters, and other services to stray and feral animals. Seeing potential in Misha's kind disposition, RAVS reached out to Berkeley Humane's Medical Director Dr. Sarah Reidenbach to ask if Misha could be taken care of here in Northern California.

Misha's soulful eyes
Hundreds of miles later, Berkeley Humane gave Misha a thorough examination. She was independent (not a surprise given what she'd been through!), extremely gentle, and suitable for adoption. Though Misha had been a mother multiple times over, that was not the most obvious manifestation of her survival instincts. Misha's teeth were severely fractured – some worn down to the gumline – from eating rocks to survive.  Internally, Misha had contracted ehrlichia, a bacterial infection from ticks that prevents blood from clotting properly. Because of her poor blood health, Berkeley Humane had to wait to spay her. 

As Berkeley Humane Marketing Manager Sherry Liu recalls:
"In addition to all the tests, caring for her, and nursing her back to health so we can safely spay her, we also extracted eleven teeth to end her pain. 
After a month-long treatment-recovery process, she was ready to be adopted, then we found her a home."
Ready for adoption!
Since leaving Berkeley Humane, Misha has entered a home with new canine (and feline!) friends, a welcoming environment for play, and a basket full of toys:

"Miss Rose is now...Misha! Which means 'God-like.' seemed appropriate somehow. She is GREAT! Has fit in with our two dogs right away, even has started to play...we have a big basket of toys and she has gone over and pulled a few out after watching the other two. :-)

Misha in her foster home prior to adoption
 "She runs through the house with them and they all use my bed as a trampoline. She claimed the big overstuffed chair immediately as hers and it is now no other's.

"We love her and are so grateful you all took her in and took such good care of her."

Looking ahead to a bright future
Misha's tale is both a testimony of the inner strength of dogs and a heartwarming example of humans giving her a second chance. Misha is also a great example of how hard Berkeley Humane works to save adoptable animals.

We wish Misha and her new family – Melissa, Olivia, Sammie, Rosie, Curry, and Mimi – continued strength, love, and spontaneous fun!

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  1. Loving those soulful eyes - this is worth sharing. Doing such wonderful work