Monday, June 15, 2015

This year's Missouri Lounge Dog Pageant was a huge success!

The second annual Rescued Dog Pageant at the Missouri Lounge was a roaring (and barking) success!

Dozens of dogs (and even more people) stopped by the Missouri Lounge on Sunday afternoon to strut their stuff in the pageant or just cheer on their friends.

Attendees of the human variety enjoyed hot dogs, cold beverages, face-painting, and some very special adoptable dogs* who arrived in Berkeley Humane’s MAC (the Mobile Adoption Center), accompanied by skilled Berkeley Humane volunteers. 

Here's a look at the MAC in action, bringing together adoptable animals and potential adopters:

The MAC helps adoptable pets meet more members of the public outside of Berkeley Humane.

Each contestant took the stage for a song. Talents included high leaps, skateboarding, amazing patience and control when confronted with treats or facial sundaes (you had to be there), great costumes, intense personal charm, and cuteness.

Starstruck audience members voted for their favorites with one-dollar tickets (with all proceeds benefitting Berkeley Humane). 

 The voting jars early in the afternoon-- later, they'd be stuffed with votes!

While every dog’s jar drew tickets, the top three vote-getters were Bud, Djuna, and Pica. Congratulations!

Jade the dog aims high! 

Pica shows off his skateboarding skills

Because every dog is the best dog (just ask their owners) and because every entrant was wildly talented, each dog went home with a title:
  • Schwartz won Most Acrobatic
  • Skoda won Most Patriotic
  • Lox won Best Denim
  • Egg Dog won Most Well Fed
  • Kuma won Best Butterfly
  • Lucky won Best Hair
  • Oreo, ringleader of a three-dog entry, helped his pack win Best Leather
  • Pig won Best Springsteen
  • Pickle won Best Bipedal
  • Pica won Best Boarder
  • Lenny won Biggest Oakland A's Fan
  • Kobe won Most Patient
  • Jade won Best Lioness
  • Harvey won Best Kisser
  • Djuna won Best Feat of Strength
  • Bud won Best Batdog
  • Bear won Best Paul Bunyan
  • Trapper won Best Jurassic Canine
 Lucky models his title-winning luxurious coat

If we missed any, please drop us a line on Facebook and let us know!

Thanks to all participants, human and canine alike! A big thanks also goes out to all audience members, staff, volunteers, and pageant host Missouri Lounge.

All photos by the author (who apologies for their quality).  

*Your humble narrator would like to share that one of the dogs available for adoption at today’s event is now at home and asleep in her lap as she writes this. Welcome home, Cheddar!

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