Friday, May 1, 2015

Going Home: Ollie and Wendell

Welcome to Feline Friday: the furriest and purriest way to kick off your weekend!

Today's story follows two cats, Ollie and Wendell, who have led adventurous and well-loved lives on both coasts — and have the photographs to prove it.

Adopter Zack Subin wrote in to share an update on his frisky (and occasionally Zen) felines:

Ollie and Wendell are doing very well. They are reaching their ninth birthdays this spring and have survived two cross-country (plane) trips as they accompanied me through grad school and postdocs.  

They were adopted as kittens together in June 2006: Wendell was 17 weeks and was known as "Whiny Wendell" by the front-desk staff as he would start howling for attention as soon as you entered the room. Ollie, not a litter-mate, was known as Jen, and was the last-but-not-least of her litter, adopted at 11 weeks.  

Although Wendell has continuously been 4-5 lb bigger than Ollie, they have enjoyed playing and cuddling.  

Wendell lost his boundless energy and became a lazy cat around 9 months (except when he gets in the mood to harass Ollie and remind her he is the alpha cat), while Ollie transitioned from a shy girl to a cuddle-bunny.  

The two more recent pictures (above) are from my new apartment in Oakland which I moved into in August.  

 [This photo] is from my apt in New Jersey where I was for two years.  

[This one] is from my North Oakland apartment in 2009.  

And the album wouldn't be complete without "BundledWendell." He loves to wrap himself in blankets, which he is in fact doing now. Ollie, in the meantime, likes to practice Zen.
The biggest health scare was when Wendell developed a urinary blockage in 2008.  Fortunately we caught it in time, and no harm was done. Wendell still refuses to drink water, but he now is only allowed moistened food (canned with extra water or Hills c/d soaked in hot water), and has not had any problems since.

Thank you so much for sharing Ollie and Wendell's adventure, Zack. It's wonderful to see them thriving across the years and states where you've lived.

Owning pets can be challenging at times — facing health issues like Wendell's urinary blockage can bring out the best in an owner like Zack who's dedicated to giving his pets a high quality of life. Berkeley Humane offers free post-adoption medical care for the first week after you adopt. We recommend forming a relationship with a vet you like and trust for meeting your pet's ongoing needs.

If  you'd like to give a life of adventure to an adoptable animal, stop by Berkeley Humane this weekend from 11-5 Friday through Sunday to meet some of the best cats and dogs around!

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