Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Going Home: Wiley #LookingFurLove

Welcome to another Woof Wednesday! 

Are you ready for some wagging tails? If you are, continue reading abut Wiley, the dog formerly known as Rutherford. His lovely new owners did not just send us a sweet story, they also made an adorable picture collage showing them and their little gentleman at the beach. Look at him, because he isone of the cutest dogs in the history of dog kind. We're sure of it!
This is what Wiley's owners shared with us:

"We brought "Rutherford" home on September 19, 2013. Although we loved the name, it didn't roll off the tongue easily. Unfortunately, they didn't know his story. Meet Wiley. We had a difficult time choosing which pictures to include. We take him everywhere. People continually ask about him, no one can believe he was a rescue. He brings a lot of smiles to us and everyone who meets him. We tell him every second of every hour of every day how much we love him and how lucky we are!"

We love, love love hearing from families about their pets a long time after the adoption. And we love seeing pictures, especially ones as sweet as these: 

Thank you so much, Julie for sharing the story of you and Wiley, and for sending us these adorable pictures. We wish you many more happy years of love, and many fun adventures on the way. 

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