Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Going Home: Jelly

Welcome to another great Woof Wednesday! 

The #LookingFur Love social media action we ran a while back gave us many great adoption stories. Today we want to share one of these, namely the story of the lovely Jelly. She has been with her human for 11 years now. That makes the story below is precisely the kind of long term success we love hearing back from.

Jelly's story is also the story of a 'foster failure' - the term used when a person who fosters an animal chooses to permanently adopt the animal and keep it in their home. Fosters are vitally important for the work of Berkeley Humane, and it is so very understandable that they sometimes find an animal that really becomes a family member that a 'foster failure'  is really the best kind of failure anyone can ever experience. 

This is what Rachel has to say about her journey with Jelly:

"Eleven years ago I brought Jelly into my home as a foster dog from BEBHS. It is one of the best decisions of my life. She came to stay with me because she was quite insecure and needed lots of TLC. Within 2 weeks I knew she would be with me forever. She is the sweetest, smartest and silliest dog. Over the years we have had countless adventures together. She is my best companion. At 13 years of age now, she has slowed down just a bit. I love to hear her snoring lightly on the couch behind me as I work at the computer or watch her through the window as she soaks in the sunshine in the garden. She is my dear dog and I’m so glad she found her way to me. Thank you. ‪#‎LookingFurLove‬"

Do you want a friend like Jelly? Come visit us during our adoption hours: Friday through Sunday between 11 and 5. And if you have already adopted your furry friend, tell us your story on facebook or by emailing the adoption counselor. We love hearing from you!

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