Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Going Home: Domino

Welcome to Woof Wednesday! We have a wonderful update today on another proud graduate of Berkeley Humane.

Domino the pup found a loving family about three years ago, and his adopter, Taya Gorin, has nothing but wonderful things to say about her little furry friend.

“My lovely dog was adopted 3 years ago and his name is Domino. He is about 9-10 years old now. We did not change his name and we assume it was done by Berkeley Humane Animal Shelter.

We love this little furry dog, who is so smart. 

We also like the people we met when we came. Friendly, easy to communicate. We really appreciate all the work you do for those pets. And thank you many times for making us happy.” 

A big thanks to Taya for the thoughtful note! We are delighted to hear Domino is living with such a loving family. And we really appreciate your recognition of our work here at Berkeley Humane. It is happy stories like this that keep us going and motivated to work harder every day to help out these animals.

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