Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Going Home: Berkeley

Welcome to another Woof Wednesday, everyone. 

Today we have an absolutely lovely Going Home post. One of an adorable pup named Berkeley who brought some warmth so an adopter's heart after she had to say goodbye to her previous beloved dog.

There is really nothing I can add to the love in her story, so let's go straight to the message Laura left on our Facebook page. This is what she said:

"I had lost the dog-love-of-my-life --a graceful loving Golden Retriever. I'm 64-years-old and decided I had had enough of grief, enough of dogs. I vowed never to fall in love with a dog again.
Every morning I woke with no desire to get out of bed. Why bother? My Golden Girl was gone, no one to walk with, no one to talk with. I'd lay in bed and just think about my perfect Golden Retriever, and grieve.
One day out of boredom and lassitude, I started checking out dog-sites. I came across the Berkeley Humane Society site.
There, I saw a sight, indeed! A scruffy little black and white fella with chestnut eyes of a wise man! I got my depressed self together enough to take a ride out to Berkeley (I live in Walnut Creek) to see this little fella. Could he be as intriguing as he looks online?
They brought him out. He sat down, raised his head toward mine, and looked directly into my eyes, with his. It looked like a tiny little human was staring at me from inside that scruffy wire-haired puppy. His eyes didn't break from mine. How could I leave him behind?
I couldn't.
Now, when I wake up every morning, "Berkeley" greets me enthusiastically, ready to play and romp. He adores me, and I need adoration. He follows me, jumps up on the couch, but knows not to jump on the bed. He's as different from my Golden as he could be. But one thing's the same: the lively love you can get only from a best-friend dog."

With such a sad beginning, but such a happy ending, this story shows a lot of why we at Berkeley Humane love what we do so much. It's for the animals, but just as much for the humans. We all need love, adoration, companionship and a real and trusted friend. We're just the matchmakers, really, but it is a grateful job. 

Do you want to help? We're in need of volunteers and fosters and would welcome you lending a hand in the work that comes with bringing cats and dogs in touch with their new families. Read more here.

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