Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Going Home: Dexter

Happy Woof Wednesday, everybody! 

Are you ready for a new set of adorable (and adoptable!) dogs to make their debut on our website? Have you put on your running shoes yet to sprint to our adoption center on March 6th to snap up the pup of your dreams? No camping out in front of our doors, though - we're only open for adoptions from Friday to Sunday, from 11 to 5. 

Go take a look, though, because all of our dogs are (as always) amazing!

Sometimes adopters give us an update about their dogs, and sometimes we're able to do the same for them or, in this case, we gave them a blast from the past - a baby picture of their beloved pet Dexter. Here is what Dexter's family said about that. 

"We received your newsletter and were shocked how small our sweet Dexter (you may remember him as Buster) used to be! He has been such a blessing and we can't imagine our lives without him :) Thank you for helping us find our sweet boy, and giving us the opportunity to make him apart of our family"


Here, by the way is Dexter all grown up. 

Isn't that the most adorable face in the history of dogs? We can't blame Macaela for feeling that way. Thank you, in any case, for giving Dexter the loving home and family he so deserves and needs. We hope you continue adding to each other's lives in great ways. 

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