Friday, March 13, 2015

Going Home: Sir Kenzie

Happy Feline Friday the thirteenth today! 

How is your luck holding up?

It's great for Sir Kenzie. He not only got adopted by two stellar humans, but he got himself a  feline friend - albeit one that he has to win over. Still, for two unrelated tomcats to get along peacefully, that's a great start.

Here is what Sir Kenzie's adopters have to say:

"Here's our new boy Sir Kenzie (attached picture below).  He's Precious.  We loved him from the very beginning.  Took about 4 - 5 days to finally be comfortable leaving him to roam our home with Tommy...his 6 year old Tabby brother.  Tommy is the resistant one.  Kenzie wants to play and love Tommy.  It will happen.  Both are good boys.

THANK YOU sooooooooooooo much for our new little guy.  You all were so great with me and my son, Rob.  We are very happy.

Sharon and Rob Murphy...."

Here we see Sir Kenzie surveying his kingdom.
Look at that noble cat. He really does deserve the name Sir, doesn't he? And it's no wonder that a cat that lovely and charming landed on his feet in a loving household. 

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