Friday, March 6, 2015

Going Home: Atticus and Clover

Happy Feline Friday, everyone!

On this bright and sunny day, we have another Going Home story for you. This time, it involves not one, but two kittens: Atticus and Clover. Today's post says a few things about introducing cats to new territory, as well as to other cats. Both of those situations can make cats a little tense, and combining them may add to that. Still, as we can read, cats are also able to adjust and get used to those things that cause them tension, and learn how to accept new places and other cats. 

Here is what Atticus and Clover's new family says: 

"We are all doing well.  Unfortunately, Atticus & Clover met a little too soon and they are not quite at ease with each other.  There's been some hissing and a little growling but no claws or teeth.  They each have there own room as a home base but Esther & I are letting them out at the same time for longer periods each day in the hopes they can at least come to a mutual disinterest.  Today they have both been out for quite a while and have just ignored each other.  So, progress!

Thanks for checking up and thanks to all the staff and volunteers for all their help.

We'll keep in touch"

Have you struggled with helping your newly adopted pet adjust to it's new environment, fellow pets or other things? We have a behavior help line you're always welcome to call. Our adoption counselors, too, will happily help you with questions or requests for advice. 

Part of what makes an adoption a real success story, is commitment of both adopter and the adoption center to make the animal a real part of it's new family. That means that we take our role in helping you and your pet very seriously. We're always here to help you when you need some reassurance, some quick tips or more in depth advice. It's why we offer post-adoption medical services as well as positive reinforcement training classes

In the mean time, we always want to hear from you how things are going. If you have adopted an animal from us, and want to give us an update, please email your adoption counselor with your happy tale (and maybe send them some pictures). If you let us, we'll then put you and your pet in the spotlight here on the blog. 

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