Friday, February 13, 2015

Going Home: Velma

And here's another Feline Friday! On the day before Valentine's Day we've decided to share a post with you about a little wallflower of a kitty who is really coming into herself now that she has a home to call her own. 

When people come to the adoption center, they are often drawn towards the most social cats. Cats that don't do as well in loud spaces with many strangers can sometimes get overlooked. Too bad, of course, because sometimes the cats with the dainty personalities are the biggest love bugs once they get to know you. 

Velma says "Hiiii!"

The story of Velma is an excellent example, as we can see by what her adopter has to say in her first e-mail:

"Velma is doing great! Lots of hiding, but she is coming out slowly... Super friendly (eyes are relaxed) and she is snugly when I can get her in my lap. I'll try to send photos soon.  I have a few on my phone, but need to download to computer to email. 
Thanks so much for all your help!!"

And then she did the best thing: she sent us another email and included some photo's:

"Here a few pics of her getting comfortable in my son's bedroom.  She's really a sweet cat...:-)"

It's a cat's world, according to Velma
 Now isn't this a great story? We sure loved to hear it! It's quite common for animals to need some time to adjust after they have been adopted. Life as a shelter pet is simply different from being a family pet, and it can take even the most gregarious and outgoing critters a while to get their bearings again. 

If you've adopted an animals from us and you have questions about their adjustment, you can always call the behavior hotline. There, we have experienced dog and cat behavioralists who are ready to help you with tips and tricks to get you and your furry friend on their very best behavior. 

A comfortable bed for a comfortable cat!

Last but not least: Have you heard of the #LookingFurLove campaing? Post your adoption story on our Facebook page before Valentine's Day, and you can win a photoshoot with your pet! We look forward to reading all your stories of love! With a bit of luck, your happy tale will also feature on this blog. Wouldn't that be fun?

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