Friday, February 27, 2015

Going Home: Mollie

Yay! It's Feline Friday again! 

Time for some entertaining cat stories. And do you know why it's Feline Friday? It's because on Friday we present all the new cats that we've rescued this week to the public. In the honor of those cats who start out on the search towards new homes, we spend the day here with tales of cats. 

Cats such as Mollie, who, just a while back had their own Feline Friday debute, and then managed to find themselves a new family. Now, she returns to the limelight to show you just how much of a difference it makes for a cat to find a loving home.

Sometimes you get those stories where the words really say it all. Sure, it's always nice to be able to look at cat pictures, but Mollie's adopter's words paint a picture all on their own. Let's take a look: 

"Mollie has moved herself in pretty handily. She and I get along famously. I wake up to find her perched on the corner of my bed, she comes and mews in my face when she sees I am awake. She is affectionate but independent. After I've been away during the day, she is very vocal and attaches herself to my ankle for a bit.

I've come to learn the differences between her 'feed me' mews and her 'scratch my ears' meows. We're still trying to figure out what food she likes best -- wet is definitely winning (woe is me for buying a huge bag of dry). She eats fancy feast most voraciously, but (this might be misplaced concern) I feel there is healthier food for her out there. Will probably be a bit before we find the right one.

She occasionally hits the nip, wherein she turns on to a bit of a spaz; but she only does so occasionally.

I had intended for her to be an indoor cat, due to her age. However, she has tried to get outside one out twice when I've opened the door, and given how healthy she is, I might get her a collar and access to outside -- but that'll be at least a month or more away, need to solidify here as 'home' first.

She's tough to get a picture of, as she is very active, but I'll try.

So far there have been no bumps, adopting her has been one of the better decisions of my life. She is a smart old bird."

Isn't it heartwarming? The story of an adult cat seamlessly fitting into a new family is always a lovely thing, as is learning of adopters who really want to do right by their animal and are willing to adjust their ideas to benefit their feline friends. 

Michael, thank you so much for being Mollie's new family. We hope your bond will continue to grow and deepen! In the mean time, we love your story, and we're so happy you've really found a new friend in her. 

As I said earlier, today is the day you can find the newly rescued cats on our website. Take a look and see if there isn't one that can steal your heart!

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