Friday, February 20, 2015

Going Home : Dahlia

Happy Feline Friday, everyone! 

Are you ready for another Going Home story? We sure are. 
Especially when it concerns a cat as gorgeous and sweet as Dahlia. Just this week we received a note from her adopters, which, of course made us supremely happy, read along and you can be happy with us (and with her adopters, of course)!

"A gigantic hug and a purr to the amazingly good folks at Berkeley Humane.  You made my Valentine's Day super happy by introducing my husband and me to Dahlia. She is a lovebug and settling in nicely."

Aaaaaahhhh, now that's what we like to hear. And look at the sweet portrait they managed to catch of her. It shows her off in all the regality a cat with the name of Dahlia deserves. She's a classy kitty, for sure. Thank you for adopting her, Karen.  We hope you and your husband and Dahlia will continue to get along. 

Speaking of cool pictures - did you hear that we picked the winners for the #LookingFurLove action? You can see who won on our Facebook page.

If you did not enter your adoption story, but still want a furry love story, come to our adoption hours to see if we have the friend for you. Cats can be visited from Friday to Sunday from 11-5. Dogs keep open house from Wednesday though Sunday, from 11-5. 

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