Friday, January 9, 2015

Going Home: Sailor

Happy Feline Friday! 

Today we have an update on Sailor, a cat recently adopted from Berkeley Humane, and who seems to have become an integral part of his new family already. Sailor's new "mom" writes:

"We adopted Sailor from you on September 14 (during the Solano Stroll). We just wanted to write to let you know that he's thriving. He is a totally wonderful cat-- playful and cuddly and sweet. We're very happy that he's part of our family. I'm attaching a photo here of him with his 'sisters' and grandma." 

Thank you for the update, Sarah, it is wonderful to see how well Sailor is doing! 

After this story of easily integrating a new cat into an existing family, it may be easy to forget that new arrivals can sometimes be challenging. If you're experiencing adjustment problems, or want to know how to help an animal overcome a bad habit, get in touch with Berkeley Humane's Behavior Advice Line.

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