Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Going Home: Pandora

Hurray for another Woof Wednesday! 

In today's post we hear about the lovely blond Pandora (formerly known as Kaylee). Her adopters took her home and posted a Facebook update that very same day. Of course we're delighted to hear that she's loved already and that she started off with showing her sweet and happy temperament to her new owners.  

Also take a look at the fun photo they used to introduce their new pup to their Facebook feed. Isn't it cool?

"We adopted Kaylee this morning and she is now known as Pandora! She is just such a happy puppy!! And loving having her with our family already!"

Pandora, congratulations on finding owners who appear as sweet, as happy and as stylish as yourself! Tabby, Thank you for adopting one of our pooches - we know she appreciates you giving her a loving home. 

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