Friday, January 23, 2015

Going Home: Lucille

Happy Feline Friday, everyone! Are you ready to meet Grumpy Cat tomorrow? She'll do the ribbon cutting ceremony on our Mobile Adoption Center, and there will be a chance for you to take pictures with her as well.

In the mean time, let us treat you with great news on on of our former residents: the adorable Lucille. Her adopter wrote us a long email and sent us a picture of her. We always love it when people get back to us to confirm that the animal they chose really fits with their family. And now, without more ado, the words of Lucille's adopter: 

"I wanted to give you an update on Lucille -- she's a sweetheart!  She seems to be adjusting very well and very quickly.  We sequestered her in a kitchen/guest room area when we first brought her home, and she immediately and thoroughly explored the area.  Then she snuck out of that and explored the whole house.  She quickly took over the house on day one!  She hasn't seemed stressed, scared or anxious at all.  In fact, she is absolutely the kitty you described in your adoption post.  She's loving and follows me all over the house (and waits for me to get out of the shower).  She's been playing a lot and is quite the jumper -- so I imagine her weight should drop quickly with all the hunting she's been doing.  She's absolutely adorable, easy going -- part kitty, part Curious George -- and a real character.  I feel very lucky to have her!

Thanks again for all your help in answering my questions and connecting Lucy and I.  I know you understand the challenges of getting photos of her (at least if you want to see her), but here are a couple of new photos from her new home.

Thanks to you and your colleagues/foster parents for the work you do and for taking such good care of Lucille -- clearly she's been well cared for!" 

Thank you, Jay, for the compliment. We do our best to care for our animals as well as we can, but t's always best to have them in a loving home all of their own. We can see from the picture that Lucille has really made herself at home and feels safe and comfortable where she is. 
We wish you and Lucille many years of happiness and playtime together. We're glad you took so much care in choosing her and really taking the time to find a pet that works for you. 

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