Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Going Home: Bonaparte

Happy Woof Wednesday, everyone! Today we share the story of Bonaparte (formerly Davis), a Bichon Frise pup with a taste for the finer things. We are happy to report that this energetic little gourmand has quickly conquered the hearts of his new family.

Bonaparte’s adopter, Renee Skudra, wrote recently to let us know how the lucky pup is settling in.

Thought you'd enjoy seeing a photo of him with my son (Nils). His new name is Bonaparte. He's a little dog with a big personality.

He's a pretty funny Bichon (they all are). This morning I left my breakfast on the
TV tray for a moment to answer the phone and when I ran back in the kitchen he was trying to grab the chocolate thing (that's its name) from the Cheese Board.

The other day he managed to take off with a chunk of Trader Joe's cornbread and several weeks ago he dived into some home-made lasagna and got a couple of bites of that. Didn't get sick either, fortunately. He particularly likes to lick people's toes (a foot fetishist????) and lie on the antique quilts on the beds in our house.”

A big thanks to Renee and Nils for the fun update! We’re glad to hear Bonaparte is living with such a wonderful family. We’re sure he’ll be the source of many laughs—and keep you on your toes—for many years to come.

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