Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Going Home: Mallory

Happy Woof Wednesday, everyone!

Finding the right companion for yourself can be a real search. Finding the right companion for you AND your existing pet? Now, that can be tough. Adopter Eve was able to do just that, though, when she came to meet lovely Mallory at Berkeley Humane last year. She sent us her story of introducing Mallory into her home, and we’d like to share with you.

"Several months ago, we went to the Berkeley Humane Society to get a dog as a companion to the dog I already had, named Leo, since I travel a lot and the other (human) members of the household work long hours, meaning that when I'm out of town, there is no person here for much of each day. I first looked online, and liked the looks and the description of Mallory, a mix of pit bull and something else. She looked like she had a good character, and she was young (as was Leo.) 

A few days later we (one of my housemates and I) went to check her out. Leo loves all other dogs, so I didn't expect any problems there. Mallory seemed to be fine with Leo, so we brought her home.

The first few days, there were a couple of accidents (not surprising for a dog that has spent lots of time in shelters and didn't understand about doing her business outside), but we got over that pretty soon.

There was also a bit of testing, while Mallory checked to be sure that she was really going to live with us. There was never any problem between the dogs other than some debate as to which one should go through a door first, and which one would snuggle up closest to me. Since I have two hands, I pet them both at the same time. Since I have more than one side, each can snuggle equally.

I don't let them sleep with me, but I do let them lie on the bed next to me when I take a nap. I take them for two walks a day (Leo weighs 70 pounds and Mallory, who started out at 35, is now near 55... two young, healthy, vigorous dogs.) The walks give me plenty of time to think, which is something you actually need to do quite a bit of in my line of work (filmmaking.)

The two dogs love each other very much and are very companionable. Mallory, now a little over a year old, seems to be a perpetual puppy and does have to be reminded not to jump, but she doesn't have a mean bone in her body. She plays very nicely with much smaller dogs when she's off leash in a place like Point Isabel, she loves to run, she keeps Leo company, and is a pleasure.

Two dogs do have a tendency to egg each other on when it comes to mischief, but, well, they're young and they are not only very loving, but very funny a lot of the time. I’m glad we got Mallory, and everyone else in the family also loves her."

Mallory and Leo make a great-looking pair: we’re so glad they have become good pals, and that Mallory has blended into your family so beautifully. Congratulations to Mallory, Leo, and Eve on making such a great trio!

After this wonderful tale of almost seamlessly integrating a new dog into an existing family, it's maybe easy to forget that the first time after a new animal comes home, can sometimes be challenging. If you;re experiencing adjustment problems, or want to know how to help an animal overcome a bad habit, we've got just the thing for you: get in touch with our Behavior Advice Line. Let us help you help your pet!

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