Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Going Home: Haylie

Happy Woof Wednesday, everyone! We hope you are having a great holiday season! Today we share the story of little Miss Haylie. We are happy to report that this darling little pup has found herself a perfect loving family - she was even blessed with a nap buddy to keep warm on chilly winter afternoons!

Haylie’s adopter, Liliana Rojas, wrote recently to let us know how Haylie is doing in her new home, and we believe the picture below says it all!  (Haylie is on the left):

“Haylie is great! I think she is adjusting pretty well and she gets along with my other dog, Lucky.

They do not interact that much since Lucky likes being in the backyard and Haylie is inside the house, but when they do, they get along."

A big thanks to Liliana for the lovely update! We’re sure Haylie and Lucky will continue to enjoy many cuddles in the future.

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