Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Going Home: Bailey

Welcome back to another great Woof Wednesday here at Berkeley Humane! Everyone loves a feel good story around the holidays and this week’s Going Home post is just that. This week we’re checking in with Bailey (formerly Marley). Bailey’s new owners gave us a wonderful update telling us how she got her new name, a new canine friend, and a fantastic new home life. 
Bailey's owners were nice enough to send us a detailed emailed and some great pictures (before and after grooming). Read all about Bailey’s transition from Berkeley Humane below:

“Well, that would be Miss Bailey now. My daughter's friend was over while we were thinking about names and she heard me in the kitchen saying something about bay leaves, and she said, "Bailey!" It stuck. We knew Marley was a temporary name.

So, things have been going great with Bailey. They couldn't be better, really. She immediately fit right in with the family, and gets on well with our older dog -- who she'd like to play with more, but he's deaf and blind and pretty mellow. But we have lots of other dogs in our life and neighborhood. My daughter does some dog sitting, so we have a giant golden doodle over tonight. Bailey has spent time with her before and they love to play.

It's kind of crazy to think that she was on the street. She's house broken and responds to some commands. She seems very comfortable in her crate at night. She has a great temperament and is great with other dogs and kids. We keep thinking we're going to see a poster for a lost dog with her picture on it.

Bailey went to the vet and groomer on Friday. She has a clear bill of health, apart from an ear infection -- which we're treating.

She's really a gift, and we're grateful to have her in our family. She made for quite a Thanksgiving treat.

By the way, I'm also grateful to the fellow who helped us out on Wednesday. The shelter closed early because of the holiday and we got there 15 minutes before closing. I told him we were very interested in Marley and I wouldn't be able to come back on Friday because I had to work. He stuck around and did all the paperwork for us to bring her home then.”

Bailey hasn't been home long but it's clear she's already made a huge impression on her family. We're so happy to hear about all her new friends, both humans and fellow dogs! Nothing makes the holidays a little happier like having a new furry friend to play with, and it's clear that Bailey made this Thanksgiving extra special for her family. A huge thank you to Will for his positive email, it's always great to hear back from our animal adopters.
Everyone knows the holidays are a great time of year to add a lovable new pet to your family! Who didn't ask for a puppy for Christmas as a kid? (I still do.) Berkeley Humane has found homes for more animals than ever this year, but we've got a month left to find even more. If you're looking for a new dog or cat for your family, come visit us! Adoption hours are 11 - 5 on Wednesday through Sunday for dogs and 11 - 5, Friday through Sunday for cats. 

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