Friday, December 26, 2014

Going Home: Ace

Hurray - it's Feline Friday today! 

Of course we hope that you had a splendid and warm Christmas, but if you still feel like you could do with an extra heartwarming story, we've got a treat for you today. Through our Facebook page we got an update on Ace, who was adopted earlier in 2014, and has really earned himself a place in his new family's heart, not just by being adorable, but by his actions to defend their home.

Read below to see what Ace's adopters have to say.

"I just want to say THANKS again for helping us find the most awesome cat ever!!! I thought I'd post this because it shows how smart cats are and how dedicated and protective he is of his family. About a week ago raccoons were trying to get into the house in the middle of the night you can see in the picture they were trying to rip thru our screens (3 different screens) since the windows were open ( it was a hot night). All of a sudden we we were woke by our normally pretty quiet cat running into the room meowing crazy jumping on and off the bed than running to the stairs meowing loudly. First thought was something was wrong with my son since Ace is obsessed with him and he kept running to his bed as well once we were up and looking around....long story short had he not woken us up we could have had a major problem with those raccoons coming into our home. THANKS again From the whole McCoy family and lil' Ace!"

Isn't that amazing? Summer, Thank you for sending us this lovely update. Ace, thank you for being an upstanding feline citizen and all around great pet.

Do you want to tell us how your pet has changed your life? Send us an email, and we'll get you and your pet featured on the blog. We look forward to hearing your stories!

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