Friday, November 14, 2014

Going Home: Pineapple

Welcome to another Feline Friday! Today we've got a lovely Facebook post for you that not only features a handsome kittycat rescued by and adopted from from Berkeley Humane, but also pays attention to a really fun initiative: Catou-Marie Crafts and Designs. This notebook-selling team started their venture with a little nudge from their school, but the decision to donate all their profits to Berkeley Humane was all their own!

In their Facebook post we are also introduced to Pineapple, a four-year alumnus from Berkeley Humane. Isn't she precious?

This is what Catou-Marie Crafts and Designs has to say: 
"This is my beloved cat, Pineapple. We adopted her about 4 years ago from Berkeley Humane, and she has been a loving part of our little family ever since!
Please check out the page my friend and I created for our fundraising project! All of our proceeds go to benefit Berkeley Humane :)"

When we checked their Facebook page to learn more about their cool idea, we found the following quote:

"In our junior year of high school, we were introduced to a requirement of the rigorous IB curriculum called CAS: Creativity, Action, and Service. Along with partaking in activities that involved each of these elements, we also had to begin some sort of project. This project had to a) involve at least one other person and b) combine at least 2 of the 3 aforementioned elements. Having been best friends since freshman year, it was easy for the two of us to pick a partner. After that was done, all we needed was a project. We combined our creative minds and came up with the idea of decorating composition notebooks! Because we love crafting, our project couldn’t be better suited to us. We’d hit all the requirements–partner (check), creativity (check) and action (check). However, it felt like something was missing.

After some thought it became clear: this project should mean more to us than just making money. It would be one of our first big accomplishments–we wanted to be truly proud of every aspect. With that, we decided to consider donating what we earn to a good cause. When we came up with the Berkeley East Bay Humane Society our minds were set! Both of us have adopted pets from our local animal shelter, and we feel passionate about helping animals in need.

So here we are today! What began as a required assignment developed into a fun, meaningful project we both feel very dedicated to. 100% of our proceeds (and we mean all of them!) go to the shelter. Buying our supplies and working on notebooks is what we consider our own personal donations. Every purchase you make helps, as do any donations you can spare."

Of course, we at Berkeley Humane are very grateful for what these young women do for us. Why don't you go see if you're in need of a notebook? Or maybe buy some early Christmas presents for your loved ones! Check Catou-Marie's facebook page to learn when their next sale will be. 

Berkeley Humane does all it's work through private donations and sponsorships by companies. We are not publicly funded. This means that any donations you might make are extra appreciated. We couldn't rescue animals without you! If you'd like to learn more about how you can help us continue to rescue animals, you can take a look at our website

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