Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Going Home: Lisbeth

Welcome to another exciting Woof Wednesday! This week we will be checking in with Lisbeth (formally known as Senga). Lisbeth’s new owners were kind enough to send us an email update; not only do they love having a new puppy in their life but Lisbeth has already found a new canine friend as well. Read about Lisbeth’s  wonderful new home and family below.

“I saw ‘Senga’ on your Facebook page. Sure, she looked like a mini version of our Corgi/Pit mix Rocket. And yes, she had the same brindle coat, and the same goofy ears. But there was something in her eyes… And while my boyfriend, Eric, is used to me constantly sharing adoptable dog photos with him, this time was different. He immediately said, ‘Well, why don’t we go see her tomorrow?’

At the Bark Around the Block adoption event on Sunday, we walked her around the corner. Eric held her in his arms and said, ‘There’s no doubt we’re taking her home with us, right?’ Right.

She had been severely mauled before she was brought to the first shelter, which was Stockton. Three days before we adopted her, she was luckily transported to Berkeley Humane. She is scarred, and will
probably have some lasting issues with her tongue, due to the incident.

Rocket is dog selective. He either LOVES a dog or, well, REALLY doesn’t like them. So, I was a bundle of nerves. We had them meet on neutral territory. She proceeded to lick the inside of his mouth and climb on his head. He couldn’t have been more pleased about it.

We named her Lisbeth, after one of my favorite characters, Lisbeth Salander (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo). Like Lisbeth Salander, she seems very smart, cunning, and has superb investigative skills. Despite her traumatic start, she’s still finding her way in the world.

Since Sunday, Rocket and Lisbeth have been absolutely inseparable. They vigorously play, take happy walks, and then collapse in exhaustion next to each other. At night, Rocket lies close to her crate to keep a watchful eye on her.

Potty training is, seemingly, a 24-hour job right now. But I will say that it is worth every second. We lucked out with this beautiful pup. We had a great, happy life before, but somehow, it just got infinitely better.

Lisbeth would like to thank you for what you do, Berkeley Humane.

Thanks to Gretchen for sharing this update with us! We are so glad they saw something irresistible in Lisbeth and decided to welcome an adorable new member into their family. It’s clear that Lisbeth and Rocket have become fast friends; they’re already singing duets together!

Are you looking for a new puppy to join your family? Be sure to check out our website or come visit us during dog adoption hours (Wednesday through Sunday between 11 and 5)!

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