Friday, October 3, 2014

Going Home: Sami

Happy Feline Friday again! Hasn't it been a great week? And what better start to a sunny Friday than a quick kitten update from a Berkeley Humane adoptee: Sami, formerly known as Hansel. 

Sami's followup came to us through the Facebook page, where his enthusiastic new family chose to reach out to us with several pictures and some very kind words. 

"I had a truly great experience adopting from BH this weekend! everyone I spoke with was knowledgeable, friendly, and patient while I got to know some of the kittens.

I completely fell for Hansel and he seems to be adjusting to his new home (and me) quite well. Thought I'd share a few photos of (the now-renamed Sami!) settling in at home.
thank you!"

Christina, thank you so much for sending us your update. We're very glad you had a good experience. And you've managed to turn Sami into quite the little model - those pictures are adorable. We hope you  continue to bring each other a lot of joy!

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