Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Going Home: Riley

Happy Woof Wednesday again! Today we're visiting Riley, formerly known as Dream Girl.  Riley is certainly one of the dreamiest puppies to ever pass through Berkeley Humane. In this post we'll share about her finding a new home full of love and new friends. 

She even befriended a bunny - how many dogs can say that?  including Dexter the bunny! Check out these pictures and updates from Riley's awesome new family!

"Dream girl is now renamed Riley and she is doing great. I have enrolled her in a puppy preschool class at Zoom Room in Walnut Creek. She is a happy, energetic, affectionate puppy who wants to play all the time!"

"I also have 2 rescue bunnies and there is a picture of her meeting Dexter, the Netherland Dwarf bunny. She wants so much to play with them but they are a little afraid of her bouncy energy so we are working on her being more gentle. Thank you for rescuing her ... We love her so much!"

That is one adorable family! We are so happy Riley found a loving family that can keep up with her "bouncy energy!"

Do you want a friend to add love and energy to your household? Come visit Berkeley Humane during dog adoption hours (Wednesday through Sunday between 11 and 5) and see if we don't have a furry friend for you.

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